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A real hard interrogation HD

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Added: 02/May/2012
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With Hannibal now firmly under lock and key, awaiting trial, detective Denis Reed decides to make it his life’s mission to investigate every possible avenue in the quest for evidence against Nicolas Cruz – which in this instance means hauling young Mike Cage into his office to give the lad a real hard interrogation. No point in wasting time asking questions though. Instead, Reed quickly whips out his thick, uncut cock and thrusts it straight down Cage’s throat. It’s a sight that’s gonna get all you blond fans into a real frenzy; and the excitement will only increase when Reed turns his attention to Cage’s ass and pushes every single hard inch through the poor lad’s ring! With the inspector eager to make sure that his “investigation” stretches his subject to the limit, he proceeds to dump a really generous load of jizz all over Cage’s innocent-looking face; then gives the lad a good old-fashioned fisting to help unburden those young, tight balls for your pleasure!