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A magnificent overhanging foreskin HD

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William Holder, Tom Nutt

Added: 04/May/2012
Duration: 21 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s formulaic stuff, of course, but there’s nothing typecast about the two lads who meet up in this gym, believe us – both William Holder and Tom Nutt have the sort of dicks in their sports-shorts that’ll have you reaching for your own weapon in no time at all. Not that either of these boys show any lack of urgency when thrown together between the weights and running-machine – why, they’re quite literally hanging off each other’s butt-puckers like a couple of cheap whores before the cameraman even has chance to take position, and when you see what pops out of their pants you’ll understand why.

Holder’s cock, in particular, is a beautifully proportioned organ with a magnificent overhanging foreskin that we defy anyone not to take to their heart (not to mention their mouth and their ass!) with all the relish of a dog on heat; and it’s little wonder that Nutt eagerly takes the opportunity to ride the monster cowboy-style over the weight-machine. With a flip-flop fuck promptly ensuing, it’s left only to conclude proceedings with a couple of mega-gooey, open-mouthed cum-shots!

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