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Finger-fucked and humiliated HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 12)
Added: 16/June/2012
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The trouble with way too many young people today is that they don’t respect authority – but, as Zak Starr knows, a little discipline can go a long, long way to rectifying that situation. After all, he’s an army officer who doesn’t take truck from the likes of Luckas Layton, a young thug with a decidedly unpleasant persona. Within seconds of meeting the tearaway has Layton handcuffed and ready for punishment – which in this instance involves being slapped around the face by the army lad’s oversized cock. Size queens beware – Starr’s knob is a truly magnificent beauty, with the kind of foreskin overhang that will have you drooling in delight. It’s certainly more than sufficient to get Layton in the mood, that’s for sure, and before you know it the scoundrel is feeding off that glorious piece of meat like he was quite literally born for the task! An attitude that continues when it’s time for Layton to part his legs. No question about it, this is a twink who just loves to be fingered and fucked, and he’s soon stark-bollock naked getting bummed like fury against a breezeblock wall. No wonder the boy squirts buckets, with Layton replicating the filthy display just moments later!

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Luckas looks as if he would be a good fuck. I know it's only acting but I don't find pretend rape enjoyable.

Wayne73, 04/December/2014

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