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Hands Up, Pants Down! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 11)
Added: 16/September/2012
Duration: 24 minutes, 55 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not exactly sure that sweet-faced Erick could be described as a spoil of war, but he certainly seems to walk into Antonio’s life at just the right moment. Antonio, after all, is busy having a wank when he should be concentrating all his efforts on guard duty, and the arrival of Erick appears only to add to the sense of total distraction. Fact is, Antonio’s soon rubbing his straining knob against Erick’s pert little ass, and before you know it has his dick down the youngster’s hungry throat.

Not that that’s ever gonna satisfy a boy like Antonio, no matter how hot and horny the action is. The young fellow isn’t gonna be all smiles until he’s working his thick, raw shaft deep inside Erick’s ass-hole – which, given the circumstances and the fact that you’ve got two of the horniest punks jostling for position in front of a camera lens, occurs much quicker than might be feared.

Indeed, it’s not long as all before Erick is positioned at an alcove, holding onto a window for all he’s worth whilst Antonio pummels his pucker from below. Cue an absolutely filthy session of raw sex which concludes with Antonio spewing a heavy pent-up load of fresh jizz all over his cute mate’s expectant face! Swell!