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The Nightmare Ends – But The Piss & Spunk (Not To Mention The Pain!) Just Keeps On Cumming…

3.7/5 (Total votes: 3)


Mike Nolden

Added: 17/January/2012
Duration: 14 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. After all, the whole mystery of this film is that we’re not exactly sure whether what we’re seeing is fantasy or reality, and whether what Ashton Gates is witnessing is actually happening or if the young blond sex-muffin is suffering from some sort of mental collapse. Before the final revelation, however, comes the young man’s moment of personal torment – courtesy of Mike Nolden, who discovers Gates tied up in the basement of the hostel and who quickly decides to take full advantage of the lad’s vulnerability. Rather than organising a rescue, Nolden is soon stuffing his thick, uncut ramrod down Gates’ throat – though not before he’s keened the boy’s senses up somewhat by dripping hot wax onto his young, smooth body. Nolden, it seems, is keen to use and abuse his discovery, and won’t be satisfied until he’s got Gates’ hard-on banging away at his guts – an ambition that he accomplishes with surprising ease considering that Gates is supposed to be an accomplice in events. But that, of course, is all part of the movie’s ambiguity, with Gates ending the encounter with a face-load of jizz and piss and a grin that you’d usually associate with the Cheshire cat! A sight that’ll get you jerking off like crazy for sure, and which leads effortlessly to that promised revelation and the final twist in the tale…

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David, 02/April/2015

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