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Amazing Triple Penetration Fuckfest Leaves Brit Twink All Spunked Out! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 48)
Added: 14/December/2012
Duration: 24 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


European integration takes on a whole new dimension when Brit boy, Aaron Aurora, hits it off with a gang of horny Euro skater-boys (Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Matthews) for a fabulous triple penetration fuckfest that only a dedicated sex-fiend like Aurora could ever hope to keep up with. Fact is he’s like a pig with truffles with all that hard continental dick around him, though in fairness he’s clearly not the only guy in that room with a penchant for cock.

Fact is all of these chaps are greedy for flesh as they take turns to slurp on each other’s meaty uncut knobs; but it’s the lad from Blighty who takes centre-stage in a succession of double-penetrations courtesy of his big-dicked mates. That action almost pales into insignificance, however, when Aurora gets his ass-hole stretched by all three cocks at once. How he manages to take all that dick in one go will forever remain a mystery, but it’s the performance of a lifetime – and something you’re gonna be wanking off to for a very long time!

Suffice it to say it’s not long before Aurora’s on his knees and taking every drop of jizz those same three cocks can muster, leaving him all creamed out and totally satisfied!

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Great, one of your best! Really enjoyed it.

Keith, 14/December/2012

This scene made my dick happy! Good performance from all the models. Special mention for my favorite BritTwink Aaron Aurora who is as good as ever and newby Milan Sharp who delivers an impressive cumshot. Hope that we see Milan more on He has a good body and a well sized dick that stays hard during the action.

Dutch Dude, 14/December/2012

Great scene. I love, love, LOVE how much DP you are shooting. Is the triple just a gimmick? Maybe, but a good one. Look forward to more of both in any case.

Kerokess, 14/December/2012

Agree, one of the best, excellent.

memesteve, 15/December/2012

Wow. Loved it. Amazing cumshots.

Mike, 15/December/2012

very best good videos

marios , 19/January/2013

Kevin Ateah should be on this scene

Cris, 03/March/2013

tha best...HOT HOT HOT

dalon1, 10/March/2013

Wow! Hats off to Aaron Aurora for still being able to walk after this scene! He makes bottoming for one guy look not enough xD

DeathEater1, 19/March/2013

Awesome! I love Aaron Aurora!

Jase, 14/April/2013

never enough triple penetration

gbanger, 26/July/2013


epis7copal, 11/August/2013

Scenes with Denis Reed are always GREAT!!!

noelweets, 11/November/2013

fuckin' AMAZING!

epis7copal, 13/February/2014

great cum shots exp Milan...I've always been a Dennis Green fan but he looks a little old to be a skater twink....still has a hot body though

lonesomeinkc, 13/July/2014

oops my bad.....I meant Dennis dyslesic fingers at work lol

lonesomeinkc, 13/July/2014

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