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Hot Horny Top Gives Blond Twink A Real Hard Bone To Fuck Around With! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 02/February/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


We feature lots of hot twinks in our movies, as pretty much everyone in the world must surely know by now, but once in a while we can’t help promoting lads who have a slightly more manly appeal – guys like Darin Bone, who sports a wisp of chest-hair and who has the kind of meaty, uncut cock that leaves most of us gays drooling in delight.

Certainly young Milan Sharp seems completely bowled over by this handsome beauty, that’s for sure – sliding down to engulf Bone’s oversized boner with the kind of gusto that we’ve come to expect from the boy. Not that it’s all one way traffic, mind. Bone himself appears more than pleased to play long and hard on Sharp’s delicious ramrod, which in this instance sits poking through his pair of pearly-white jockstraps. But it’s obvious pretty much from the word go as to whose hungry little pucker is gonna get a good old-fashioned stretching before it’s a wrap; and before you know it Sharp is once again proving his worth as one of the hottest bottoms around.

Finally culminating in the lad getting a worthwhile facial courtesy of Bone, whilst he himself blows all over his own belly. In short, feisty, furious ‘n’ fucking fabulous!

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excelent! Nice combination and nice boy! More like this please

peter poort, 02/February/2013

Wow! Had not expected from his earlier scenes that Milan likes Studs too. And how he likes Darin *g*

Steven, 04/February/2013

Mixed feelings about this scene. Oral part was good but it lasted too long in my opinion. Didn't like the jockstrap as it prevented us from seeing Milan's balls. Would rather have seen Milan in Calvin Klein briefs and during the oral part get rid of the underwear. Most of the time I do not find sideways fucking very exciting and that is also the case in this scene. Cowboy positions fucking are much more hornier to watch especially if you have some good close ups alternated with views of the faces and overall scene. Luckily we had some in this scene. Darin's cumshot was disappointing and Milan's was not captured well. Maybe the result would have been better if this scene had been filmed by two handheld cameras (two cameramen). Nevertheless, I liked Milan in this scene but I still think his skin needs some (artificial) sun.

Dutch Dude, 04/February/2013

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