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Sweet & innocent? Not for fuckin’ long, as Bigdog marks his raw scent!

3.6/5 (Total votes: 8)
Added: 17/January/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


A superb bit of casting teams young Todd Reid – whose sweet vulnerability always seems to ooze from the screen – with top-notch top-man, Luis Bigdog. Of course, the fact that the scene begins with Reid tied to a chair and confronted by a hangman’s noose only serves to underscore the youngster’s sensitivity; though Bigdog appears to show little (if any) reticence when it comes to taking full advantage of the situation. Before you know it, it’s police brutality all the way as Bigdog asks Reid down onto his meaty, oversized butt-picker; then teases the youngster’s butt-hole with fresh piss and a baton. Of course, anyone with a smitten of good sense knows that Bigdog’s only biding his time before he thrusts that monstrous shaft of his deep inside Reid’s coy little hole, and it isn’t long before the officer is fingering that said tight slit in preparation of the hard-nosed fucking to come! Given that Reid is handcuffed and laid prostrate across a chair, he doesn’t really have much choice – but it’s hard not to note the young lad’s eager response, as he takes every inch of Bigdog’s shaft and (ultimately) savours a mouthful of jizz for his efforts!