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Hot Navy Ass Gets Fucked Hard & Raw Thanks To Thick Twink Cock! HD

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Added: 04/June/2013
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Who on earth in their right mind could ever resist a young cutie in his traditional blue and white naval costume? Not Jay Osbourne, that’s for fucking sure, when he meets up with Kamyk Walker in a seaport bar. Seconds on from first meeting Walker in his regalia, Osbourne is flashing his come-to-bed eyes and getting all the right signals in return.

Indeed, it’s no time at all before the lads are busy getting to know each other much, much better – and believe us, it doesn’t seem to involve anything in the way of small talk! Fact is, Osbourne’s soon got his mouth way too full of hard cock to be passing idle banter; and it’s no time at all before the young seadog is returning the favour by feasting on his new-found pal’s generously sized uncut ramrod! A salty-aired slut like Walker isn’t really going to be satisfied, however, until his hungry little ass is getting the raw hammering that it was surely built for, and needless to report he’s soon taking every thick inch that Osbourne can thrust in his direction.

A move that serves as the proverbial starting pistol for a sensuous, unbridled session of hot bareback sex, that culminates in Walker spewing over his own belly before getting his angelic face splattered in hot cum! As an ad for navy life it’s top-notch material!