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Ari Bow Gets The Full Benjamin Dunn Treatment – And A Sore Arse For His Efforts! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 06/August/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


Ari Bow and everybody’s favourite fuck-buddy, Benjamin Dunn, head into the woods with a blanket, but you can rest assured that they’re not planning to have a picnic. No, they’re much too interested in engaging in some sweaty, hardcore action in the Italian sunshine to be bothered with something as mundane as food – and, rest assured, they don’t disappoint.

Not that you’d ever expect them to, of course. With their fine, slim frames, meaty cocks and low-hanging balls, both these boys are everything you’d hope for and expect from the STAXUS crew; and by the time Bow’s down on his knees giving Dunn’s oversized knob the slurping it surely deserves we reckon there’s every excellent chance that you’ll be feverishly tugging on your own cock in appreciation! But whilst the engaging top-and-tail suck-fest that follows is a veritable feast for the eyes – not to mention the crotch! – it’s the subsequent Dunn-on-Bow fuck that really catches the imagination. And no small wonder.

These lads are literally on fire as they grind together against a tree, eventually culminating in a very gooey, sticky climax that any pair of lads would be proud of. No question about it, this is the perfect backdrop for a classy, high-climax wank that’ll surely leave your own dick worked to the max and your balls well and truly drained of jizz!

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Love the way the top fucked but would have liked the cum to go straight in to the bottoms mouth so he could swill it around .

Stuart_B, 06/August/2013

I'd be curious how you filmed the intro sequence from above: rented a chopper, or used a drone? Cool idea anyway... hardly seen in porn, more typical for a TV or movie production using slightly higher budgets normally ;-)

F52.7, 06/August/2013

Superb outdoor scene. Lots of doggy-style and "behind" and, at the same time, we have always Benjamin and Ari's faces and expressions. Loved also the final postion, because Ari has a handsome tiny ass. And the cumshot, intense too, specially when Benjamin grabbed Ari's nuts. Handsome outdoor sex scene made with passion. Thanks guys !

Vaclav, 06/August/2013

Une nouvelle scène de très grande qualité .ARI est adorable et a de réelles qualités d'acteur. STAXUS est le meilleur site porno actuel et de très loin. Je félicite toute l'équipe pour la qualité de votre travail..

PASCALOUX, 06/August/2013

F52.7.....possibly a camcorder slung under a Model Helicopter ?? Would be a bit hit and miss I guess though

Stuart_B, 06/August/2013

John uses a Quadcopter with a GoPro cam attached to it as you can see here: - Andy, 07/August/2013

What a perfect scene. Great 69 sucking. I like the fingering and rimming part and the bb fuck. What an extreme HD quality for an outdoor scene !!! Well done guys. 5/5 score from me.

noelweets, 07/August/2013

Andy, thanks for the reply. Great tool! Gets my phantasies started about lots of "spy cam" scenes you could do with it... ;-)

F52.7, 07/August/2013

A standout scene and this seems to be the one where we all noticed the Helicopter shots and wonderd how they were captured. I didn't think Staxus had the budget to hire a manned copter so kudos John Smith for the creativity that went into the quadcopter. Certainly this has all been noticed this summer thanks for really upping the game for the competition. Aerial shots who would have thought?

DeWayne in SD, 08/August/2013

Great scene nearly ruined like all the Italian episodes by this terrible artsy intro. The music is awful (as usual) and the repeated helicopter shots are just pointless. The money would have been better spend on subtitles! At least this is on the plus that the guys are allowed to speak like 'in the old days'.

erica12, 11/August/2013

I hadn't watched this scene in awhile and I don't understand why Ari isn't in any new videos. He's not only great looking, he's got everything going for him and he should be in steady rotation. Bring him back as he's a super hot guy!

Austin, 10/May/2014

This is a really wonderful video. Ari is a real beauty with the perfect asshole. It looks made to be licked and fucked. Benjamin does such a good job of it. I can't imagine why we haven't seen more of Ari and his delicious hole.

Ryan, 14/July/2016

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