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Schoolboy Threesome Sees The Uniforms Off & a Young Twink Stuffed With Cock From Both Ends! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 16)
Added: 17/August/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


When the cat’s away the mice will always play, so it really comes as no surprise when Jaxon Radoc, Connor Levi and Daniel Prince take full advantage of their teacher’s unexpected absence in the classroom. In all fairness to Prince, who dutifully sits at his desk, it’s Radoc and Levi who prove the main troublemakers – most notably Aussie-boy, Radoc, who sees this as the perfect opportunity to expose his thick, uncut, antipodean cock to all and sundry.

But there’s little sign of any resistance once that said ramrod is on display, and before you know it Prince is eagerly gobbling away on the offering like any other cheap whore. A role that the youngster quickly cements once every last vestige of uniform is finally abandoned and he’s being masterfully spit-roasted by his mates – Levi slamming him up the rear and Radoc thrusting down his throat! No question about it, this fresh-faced, bright-eyed youngster is then cajoled into a series of ass-splitting positions like a fuck-doll, his mates giving him the stretching of a lifetime in the process.

No fuckin’ wonder that he’s soon knocking out a healthy load of twink-jizz in appreciation; before Radoc and Levi stand over him on the desk, aim their engorged dicks in his direction and proceed to empty their balls over his face! A sight that we know for sure is gonna blast your rocket sky high!

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Amongst all else, Jaxon"s fat thick cock give his slim thin build architectural symmetry.

nedrow1, 17/August/2013

Good to see Connor topping again, he's wasted at just being bottom :P

DeathEater1, 17/August/2013

Delicious ! Passion and chemistry (always indispensable) between the boys made this class a very good scene to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy... look at Daniel : he was in heaven. Look at his expressions and...precum ;) ;).. And Jaxon and Connor helped him so much ;)...Michael witnessed a moment to remember !

Vaclav, 18/August/2013

Very Hot! As for Connor Levi I think his scene with Cody Reed certainly proves he is fully Versatile not a versatile bottom. I enjoy him in both roles he has the intensity (and ability) for either position. I Might add Jaxon Radoc has that same equal ability true versatility.

DeWayne in SD, 18/August/2013

top boys

z, 10/December/2013

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