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Two Cute Twinks Get Their Asses Filled To The Brim By Boris Orla’s Oversized Butt-Fucker! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 04/September/2013
Duration: 21 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


Boris Orla has a huge salami that he wants Brad Fitt to see – and that’s no twee innuendo. He really does have a huge salami! But even that giant sausage from the local delicatessen can’t compete with the ramrod that Orla has stuffed inside his trousers. No surprise, therefore, that young Fitt – who, like his Polish mate, Kris Wallace, has always been an out-and-out size-queen – is soon giving all that hard male flesh some serious oral attention, slurping on Orla’s dick whilst Wallace feasts on Fitt’s badly swollen knob.

Cue a fabulous feast of filthy fellatio, that soon develops into an all-out competition between Fitt and Wallace as they vie to give Orla the ultimate blow-job. It really is a joy to behold, and we’re quite sure that all you randy fans out there are gonna be tugging your own aching dicks in appreciation. Remember, however, that the real fun hasn’t even started yet, and that it’s not until Orla starts winging his cock in the direction of Fitt and Wallace’s asses that matters take on a whole new stratospheric quality!

Believe us, blond boy Orla really does seem to be as happy as a pig in mud as he switches back and forth between the two fuck-holes, banging one ass after the other, then orchestrating a chain-fuck that’s worthy of a wad of two of jizz in itself. Talking of which it’s not long before all three lads are busting their nuts – first Wallace (over Fitt’s face), then Orla (over Fitt and Wallace) and finally Fitt (over himself). All told, a soaking-hot climax to a deliriously spunktastic display!

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Excellent ass-to-mouth action :-)

Boylicker, 04/September/2013

Great scene, like the new hair colour Brad!! ;-)

memesteve, 04/September/2013

The blonde kid has one of the juiciest tastie slippery cum covered lappable hard cockhead you'll never forget.

nedrow1, 04/September/2013

Brad is always in shape ! Loved to see him with Boris and Kris. This threesome worked with perfection. Kris and Boris wanted Brad so much and Boris wanted also to have Kris and the final result (the last moment) is fantastic !

Vaclav, 05/September/2013

Great threesome - all three sexy models very busy.

Steven, 05/September/2013

This was a really hot scene which is what most come to expect from

deekster, 05/September/2013

it takes such a long time to download the videos !!! one hour or more !

loukim, 27/October/2013

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