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Filthy-Minded Office Boy Gets His Mouth & Ass Stretched By Worker’s King-Sized Dick! HD

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Added: 24/September/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 48 seconds
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He might look suave and well-groomed in his plush teal shirt, but that doesn’t stop young Daniel Prince from being attracted to the slightly less sophisticated, manual type of fellow. As such, the presence of Robbie Kasl, donning a blue overall and appearing every inch the picture of manly labour, presents the very essence of temptation; and it’s little wonder that Prince quickly finds himself unzipping his trousers and reaching for his engorged dick inside.

A move that immediately catches the eye of the office-boy, who promptly casts his shirt aside and tumbles down onto his knees to give Kasl’s giant knob some much-needed oral attention. It’s at this point, of course, that (in reality) the lad would almost certainly gain a brush-off (at best) from the subject of his affection. But what’s porn if it can’t present a little fantasy? As such, both guys are soon trading blow-jobs; before Prince finally gets bundled over the nearest desk and begins to get his ass well and truly pummelled by his mate.

Cue a magnificent, spunk-inducing escapade between these two beauties, culminating in Prince sitting down on Kasl’s lap and riding the fellow’s oversized ramrod for all that it’s worth. No fucking wonder that both boys are soon on the cusp of ecstasy – most notably Prince, whose cumshot proves to be a dashing, multi-shot spray. All in all, a definite must-see for anyone who loves big dicks and filthy boy-sluts!