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Tim Law Gets Caught Red-Handed & Gets A Red-Raw Fucking From A Security Guard For His Pains! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 23)
Added: 05/November/2013
Duration: 17 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


Poor Tim Law. There he is, having a bit of fun – defacing the urinals – when along comes some over-zealous security guard, who threatens and cajoles him into a sordid sex act. To be fair, however, Law’s definitely the kind of lad who is more than sufficiently charged to step up to the plate, so to speak – or, in this case, to step up to the thick, meaty, uncut cock that’s now straining out of the blond top lad’s trousers.

As such it’s no time at all before the horny little youngster is feasting on the contents of Orla’s neatly shaved crotch – a task that he undertakes with such skill and gusto that it’s no time at all before Orla’s replicating the act with similar enthusiasm. For both these lads, however, the ultimate experience is going to be a session of wild, inhibited fornication – and believe us when we say that neither boy disappoints. Indeed, it’s no time before Orla’s rimming his new-found buddy’s ass and is giving Law the stiff, bareback fuck that he deserves, pushing his aching knob deep into the fellow’s ass in a series of positions.

Little wonder that Law – who, as we’ve all long since known, was quite literally born to be fucked – is soon blasting a fabulous wad of jizz out of his balls whislt Orla continues to bang away at his ass. Whilst Orla finally calls it a wrap by shooting his over-generous deposit all over the twink’s over-used pucker, before pushing the cream inside the hole. If all this dirty perversion doesn’t blow you over the edge time and time again we don’t know what will!

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NOT the first time a download doesn't work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noelweets, 05/November/2013

Tried the Full HD DL twice and both failed ..then tried the HIGH version and it works fine .

Stuart_B, 05/November/2013

Hi guys! works on my end - are you still experiencing this? - Andy, 05/November/2013

The Full HD download works now. But i am a little disapointed when i watch this scene. A scene in a toillet with urinoirs without any piss action ????? It seams ages ago that Staxus made a scene with Watersports and piss. Pity for the watersports and piss fans !!!!!

noelweets, 05/November/2013

It seems Staxus never do any scenes with Watersports for the members who like PISS scenes !!!! SO PITY for the members who like this !!!!!!

noelweets, 05/November/2013


PISSLOLO, 05/November/2013

Une nouvelle grande scène signée John SMITH. Boris est en grande forme et le petit TIM est toujours aussi mignon. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 05/November/2013

Thanks for your nice anserw Pisslolo. New PISS scenes on Staxus would be great but i am afraid Staxus wont listen to our demands....

noelweets, 05/November/2013

Guys, start a forum post and if theres enough interest then we will shoot more piss scenes.

Michael - Staxus, 06/November/2013

ive already suggested my self for a piss scene if you cant beat them join them :D

connor levi, 06/November/2013

If i want to see bareback scenes with watersports/piss scenes with rimming action i buy the downloadeble videos on

noelweets, 06/November/2013

Connor, are you the only staxus " boy's band : ) who would like to play watersports ? However, congratulations for all your previous scènes.

PISSLOLO, 06/November/2013

I am so glad that there ARE obviously more members who like watersport scenes like I do as well. Sadly enough Staxus seems to have no further intention to produce more piss scenes, even if models volunteer like Connor Levi does (Thanks for that, Connor, you are GREAT!). So please, Staxus, do us members a favor and film more pissing scenes like "noelweets", "PISSLOLO" and others like to see. And if the mainstream user does not want to watch them: Just skip these movies. There are enough other good films on this site. So some pissing scenes wont hurt anyone.

GermanGayGuy, 10/November/2013

Guys, I've already suggested above to start a forum post on this. That's the best way as it allows other members to interact and us to see how much interest there is. That's what the forum is there for. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 10/November/2013

Tim has got the ass I want to have.... When I get fucked I have to try.... though I love it,. he takes it and takes it.... LOVE HIM!

Al, 30/December/2013

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