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A Celebratory Gangbang Gets This Bunch Of Horny Beauties All Fucked Up & Spurting Spunk! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 30)
Added: 09/November/2013
Comments: 25


It’s celebrations all round as the members of the world’s latest hit boy-band take time off their heavy schedule of concerts and guest appearances to spend a little quality time together, which in effect means sipping champagne and then banging each other senseless! Of course, anyone with half a knowledge of the STAXUS stable of boys will anticipate Kris Wallace and Benjamin Dunn being the dominant parties in this five-guy fuck-fest, but in the course of events it’s not just Brad Fitt, Connor Levi and Milo Milis who surrender their ass-holes for your entertainment.

The fact of the matter is that young Wallace clearly can’t resist the idea of getting his pucker stretched by Dunn’s handsomely-sized ramrod – and who the fuck can possibly blame him? Seeing the likes of Levi and Fitt getting pummelled by all the hard dick on offer clearly leaves the fellow aching for some stiff attention of his own, and before you know it he’s sitting on Dunn’s lap and getting stuffed cowboy-style like some cock-lusty whore.

In the meantime, anticipate enjoying the sight of hard, uncut knobs getting the kind of no-holds-barred oral attention that most guys can only ever dream of; plus a rimming-chain that’ll quite literally leave your asses tingling in appreciation. But it’s the sight of five handsome young bucks rutting like horned-up alley-cats that’ll really endear you to this sordid escapade; culminating in a pyrotechnic display of jizz that leaves Milis coated in baby-brew and the rest of the gang looking keenly buzzed-up and content. Your own heavy wad is nigh on assured!

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30 minutes best gang bang on Staxus ever !!! Perfect (and long) scene.

noelweets, 09/November/2013

I do love a good orgy scene, and this one is absolutely one of the hottest on the Staxus site in my opinion! Well done to all those involved in this ;)

Tommy, 09/November/2013

Il n'y a pas assez d'étoiles dans votre système de notation pour les attribuer à cette scène exceptionnelle à tous les points de vues. Cette séquence est sans doute la scène de l'année (tous sites confondus). J'adresse mes félicitations à John SMITH et son équipe pour cet excellent travail frôlant la perfection. Parallèlement, j'invite MB à visionner cette scène et à s'en inspirer pour ses réalisations à venir (sans vouloir l'offenser).

PASCALOUX, 09/November/2013

I love orgy scenes: Staxus at its best. Lovely models, good filming: great - lets have more of this!

keith, 19/November/2013

Best Orgy since summer in Italy..NO ONE does a gangbang or orgy better than Staxus!

DeWayne in SD, 24/November/2013

the best

max, 25/November/2013

top cast

zaharakid, 09/December/2013

Missing name: Milo Millis Nice scene!

fuckworthy, 18/July/2014

Great orgy. Love Milo Milis - any chance we see him again?!

Gresh, 22/July/2014

brad fittt is beautiful his cock is amazing I love him

vin, 01/September/2017

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