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Tattooed, Red-Haired Fucker Gives His Horny Room-Mate’s Holes A Real Hard Stretch! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 09/February/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


You know you’ve got a problem with porn on the internet when you find yourself being as totally brazen as young red-head, Ivan Thundero. For even the fact that Daniel Prince is studying in the same room as him doesn’t stop the horny, hyped-up dude from reaching inside his jeans so that he can play with his dick – almost as if the bespectacled Prince wasn’t there at all. Then again, of course, it could be that Thundero is just a simple, down-and-out exhibitionist, who acts the way he does in the hope of attention.

If that’s the case then it’s a policy that will never fail to succeed, especially given that Prince is the kind of boy who can’t ever hope to resist the temptation of a thick, beefy, uncut cock – exactly the kind of beauty that Thundero has stuffed inside his trousers! Little surprise, therefore, that we’re soon being entertained by the sight of Prince throwing his book aside so that he can concentrate on the meaty feast before him, which he undertakes with typical gusto and relish.

Not that Thundero himself is adverse to a little snack of sausage; but it’s Prince who really has a hunger for dick, and it’s no small wonder that he’s soon parting his legs to accommodate his buddy’s weapon in his butt-hole. Cue a fantastic display of au natural rutting that sees Prince’s pucker stretched to the max in a succession of positions, and which not surprisingly is soon bringing both lads to the point of no return. The result is a sticky, breathless crescendo that will no doubt leave your own balls equally dry!

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1) Stupid large specacles 2) Ivan Thundero looks like a girl with his too long hair. 3) Last weeks we get nothing else as guys dressed in priest clothes or guys with these ugly large spectacles. I wear spectacles too but i always take them of when i have sex. And btw, i am not religious, i don't believe in God and i don't like the Pope and the church, i i have a lot of friends who do believe. SO STOP THIS KIND OF SCENES. You know where you can find the best Staxus movies with real muscled hunks ? On , not on Staxus last weeks.

noelweets, 09/February/2014

Daniel ... I was missing you so much !! So glad to see you again. You know that I adore you ;).. It's always a pleasure to see you ! And we can see that you prefered to have fun rather than seeing cartoons ;)) . And Noelweets : oh, c' mon, don't be so hard. We can't have only sex, fuck, sex, fuck from the beginning til the end. It's so nice to have all kinds of ambience in every scene or dvd...and ;)

Vaclav, 09/February/2014

Since the Staxus Form appears to have disappeared for far longer than I expected it is not possible to post comments anywhere else than here. I do have to admit though that I am getting pretty fed up with the priests and big glasses themes. You can flog a good horse to death and I am afraid that this is now happening.

explorer1, 09/February/2014

Hi Guys. Comments noted. The big glasses scenes are all from the Chic Geek DVD and there are only 4 of them so there arent that many. Its something we thought we would try and as with everything some guys will love the scenes others wont. Same with the priest scenes. You cant please everyone all of the time. I can tell you though that this was the last of the Geeks scenes and there are no more priest scenes to go live. I'm looking at the rest of Februarys update schedule now and there are quite a mix of themes this month. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 09/February/2014

Nice to see Daniel back. Waiting for other themes, too.

Steven, 09/February/2014

I liked this one, two sweet boys enjoying themselves and each other, what's not to like? There is no way to please everyone all of the time, but there are now over 1,300 videos on here for you to watch, and you cannot possibly have seen ALL of them. Staxus does a great job of delivering all kinds of action, so I think the complaint is a little too harsh.

Tommy, 09/February/2014

I'm sorry but lately the imagen of the guys have declined in a very effeminate boys like this where the long hair rejetc to see such a bull shit. We want see normal boys.

Rinaldo26, 09/February/2014

Indeed Rinaldo26, gay men want to see real muscled men, not girly pussies.

noelweets, 09/February/2014

J'ai beaucoup critiqué par le passé les scènes de M BURLING mais pour celle-ci, je ne partage pas les critiques faites sur ces deux modèles que je trouve mignons. Même s'ils sont efféminés, je préfère voir des minets en actions plutôt que des Messieurs muscles plus âgés et mal rasés. Quant à la série sur les prêtres, elle est tout simplement exceptionnelle et représente pour moi ce qui se fait de mieux dans le porno gay actuellement et je pense être connaisseur compte tenu que je visionne régulièrement ce genre de littérature depuis le 18/08/1982.

PASCALOUX, 09/February/2014

Guys, Please dont be rude about the models. There is no need for it at all. Some guys like twinks, others don't. As I said above we will never please everyone all of the time. And as Tommy quite rightly points out above there are over 1,300 videos on the site, so plenty for people to choose from.

Michael - Staxus, 10/February/2014

@explorer1 A new forum will be back around the end of april. We are completely rebuilding it. I agree with Michael... Some people like more athletic or muscular guys, when others prefer the more "normal" looking twinks or others like more feminine looking ones. And even within those categories you have different likes and dislikes. Some like skinheads, other like them with longer or punky hairdos. We can't possibly cater to every like at the same time. We try to vary scenes as much as possible, while trying to keep variety of models into consideration aswell, so that there aren't too many scenes of the same model in a row. Sometimes that is unavoidable when a model appears in a scene with 2 or more other models. We all have our own specific likes when it comes to models, as do I, but I can appreciate good scenes with models that aren't necessarily my type. A prime example was the scene where Alexander Syden got DPed by Devon LeBron and Barrington Peart. I personally am not into black guys, but I thought it was a fabulously hot scene, which I can well imagine more people will have thought. There is no need in slagging off models like that. Let us all please be a little more respectful towards each other and understanding of one another.

Eelco - Staxus, 10/February/2014

I agree completely with the previous comments about 'protecting' the models. Never said anything against them and never will. When I dislike one scene, I try to point out what could be done better. And, yes, Staxus has an enormous amount of scenes and boys to be seen. I can watch one scene day after day. And I can spend only some minutes watching another scene. And, guys, Staxus has been offering us so many charming boys ! and so many good/delicious moments of pleasure !

Vaclav, 10/February/2014

@Michael - Staxus, I agree with you Michael, i guess i was over reacting and i understand other members like scenes like this one. I do apologize if i hurt some one. I will only post positive notes when i like a scene and i wont post when it's not my kind of stuff.

noelweets, 11/February/2014

Too bad that Ivan changed his hair color he looked def better with dark hair, but in the end its his decision. Regarding the discussion about themes and models. I think we had this discussion over 1000 times now. Staxus provides mixed content to cater to a lot of tastes. I like long haired guys and Staxus has def not a lot of them. So try to live with the fact that Staxus got a variety of model types. The only thing I would agree with is that esp. the priest scenes were released to short one after another.

secondsky, 12/February/2014

I really enjoyed this scene. I liked the close camera work. Would agree with one of the other comments , think we have had enough of big glasses. I like both the models - not sure about Ivans hair colour but I will never make any personal comments on the models. Its up to him his hair colour. Over all, very enjoyable.

Keith, 12/February/2014

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