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Paul Walker Talks Porn – Then Jerks Off That Beautiful Dick Of His To A Mega-Sticky Climax! HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 17)
Added: 09/March/2014
Duration: 18 minutes, 16 seconds
Comments: 25


Any porn star interview is a decidedly acquired taste, of course – you either enjoy getting to know the real person behind the performance or you don’t – but even the most negative viewer surely cannot fail to be impressed by the performance of Paul Walker in this question-and-answer / jack-off session hosted by STAXUS director, Michael Burling. Arguably the real surprise of this horny little vignette for many of our viewers won’t be the fact that Walker is one of the hottest guys on the scene right now – that’s pretty much taken as read – but the fact that this is a fellow who dispels every myth that exists about those who have sex for the camera.

Stupid? Not by a long chalk. Inarticulate? Fuck, by no means! Instead, Walker comes across as an incredibly genuine straight guy who happens to have crossed over into the world of gay porn and who is actually finding it much more fun and rewarding than he first envisaged. Is he a mixed up bisexual who can’t get his head around his true sexuality? Well, the jury’s definitely out on that one.

What we can say with absolute certainty, however, is that this is one young man you’re just gonna fall head-over-heels for – most notably when he eventually pulls off his uniform and begins to work that thick, cut shaft of his for your entertainment. Cue a fabulous jerk-off session that’ll almost certainly get the blood rushing to all the right places and which will unquestionable result in appreciative (and copious) quantities of jizz!

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The "other side" of the guys is a very interesting option. Paul tells us here what he thinks, what are his plans. It's not only sex, it's not only action. It's Paul. It's a little piece of a citizen's life. It's a verty interesting conversation.

Vaclav, 09/March/2014

I would much rather watch a interview than read a bio. not that I dont read them but you always wonder how much is written for them. On camera its different you are getting it straight from the model. Good to see Paul on Staxus! Vaclav miss you sir..I miss the forum too hope that super blog gets done SOON!

DeWayne in SD, 09/March/2014

Hey guys, dont you think its time for a new Tim Walker scene? I miss that blond dreamboy!

Alex, 09/March/2014

Hi Guys, just to add on this solo, other than my voice on the interview, this was actually produced, directed and filmed by Kurt Maddox.

Michael - Staxus, 09/March/2014

Paul Walker is a real HUNK and a dreamboy. More scenes with him please !!!

noelweets, 09/March/2014

Miss you too Dewayne... I miss the forum soooo much !! Let's wait for the new super blog and, of course, for more Staxus adventures ;)

Vaclav, 09/March/2014

@Noeltweets - Paul is now shooting regularly for us, so there will be plenty more scenes with him coming this way.

Michael - Staxus, 09/March/2014

I'm really enjoying this new format for the interview videos, and Paul is a real hot young hunk with a great attitude, great body and a great cock too!

Tommy, 11/March/2014

Ales, I agree with you completely, there is a place for this model but not w/me. I miss "Tim Walker". I do not care for the militaristic type of model. I quit anyway so I will not have to see this "Paul" character.

JohnRHughes, 12/March/2014

yes,Paul is so hot.i love the interview. its great getting to know him. can you bring paul to do a solo in shower with dildo in his ass. Paul have a very sexy ass

odinnot, 11/August/2014

Hi Staxus, where is Paul Walker now, did not see any new video release from him the past months, Paul is such a hot guy for sure, his smooth chest, man nipples and big cock makes him one hot hunk....Plse bring him back soon.

Olthen, 26/August/2017

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