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Pissing Off Your Commanding Officer Can Get You Well And Truly Fucked! HD

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Added: 06/April/2014
Duration: 24 minutes, 46 seconds
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Life in the army can be very rewarding to those who are inclined to the military life, but get the wrong side of your commanding officer and there’s every good chance that you’re headed for a fall. As Chris Hollander and Jaxon Radoc very quickly discover when their somewhat insolent attitude annoys Orlando White.

Not that White’s punishment – making Radoc get down onto his knees and suck both his and Hollander’s dicks – is ever likely to upset our resident Aussie cock-fiend. In fact, not surprisingly given what we know about the fellow from past performances, the instruction is met with an unmistakable element of glee on Radoc’s part – a sentiment that’s clearly shared by Hollander, who for his part is soon positioning himself over White’s desk and getting energetically spit-roasted! Then, clearly not wishing to be outdone, Radoc gets much the same treatment; before White makes both lads lay down on their backs over his table so that he can take turns to fuck both their horny little ass-holes.

Chances are, of course, that this is not a true representation of army life – even in the cesspit of morality that is the Czech Republic! – but we very much doubt you’ll be too bothered as you reach for your zipper and slowly work out a load (or more!) in appreciation. No need for zippers here, however; as Hollander dumps the first wad, quickly followed by Radoc. Before White unleashes the contents of his heavy cum-sac, whilst his two subordinates kneel at his feet. Life in khaki has rarely looked so kinky or so fucking desirable as in this cumtastic threeway!