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Interracial Spit-Roasting Threesome Lands White Boy & His Pal A Hot, Sticky Facial! HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 14/August/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


Young Lucas Owens is on a promise – and a fuckin’ good promise at that! – which probably explains why he’s headed down the street as quickly as he is in the opening moments of this terrific little scene. Indeed, let’s be quite honest here, most of us would be in a similar hurry if we’d been guaranteed a threeway with Alex Mendez and Billy Ricardo, a couple of horny black guys with only one thing on their mind!

Unfortunately, Mendez and Ricardo are even hornier than even Owens anticipates, and by the time he arrives at their apartment they’re already sucking each other off and acting like the sexual animals they self-evidently are! Fair play to the pair, however – there’s no question of them barring their tardy pal from the fun. Indeed, it’s pretty clear from the off that Owens is set to be very much the centre of their sordid display; and before you know it all three guys are laid out on the floor and feasting on each other’s dicks like a pack of hungry wolves!

But it’s white-boy Owens who’s destined to enjoy the full power of all that black sausage, and soon he’s laid out on a table being joyfully spit-roasted by his over-hung buddies. It’s a fate that boys of a certain kinky disposition all around the world would love to meet; and matters only get even sleazier when the threesome engage in a conga-style fuck, before all three lads jerk finally themselves off. The most notable moment of which is the sight of Ricardo quite literally erupting full-on into his pal’s faces like a sky-rocket!

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Ummm, no.

Videohouse, 14/August/2014

A really disappointing scene. The white boy should have been fucked by the two black guys. The black guys taking turns on fucking the white guys pussy. Also the last park, we never saw the black guys dick in the white boys pussy once!! Just showed the white boys face ffs!! Two handsome black guys, lets see them fuck properly :-)

whatsacondom, 14/August/2014

It really, really could have been very good. All the right equipment was there, after all...

Existenz, 14/August/2014

Hi Guys, Comments noted. It would be interesting to hear if you guys liked Billy Ricardo. He is a new Dominican model we have found and would like to work with again. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 14/August/2014

Michael, obviously taste is individual. As far as I'm concerned, even if his most obvious gift can hardly be overlooked, I'm not too fond of Billy Ricardo. His face looks somewhat odd, maybe it's also the effect of his hair style, which together to me at first sight almost looked female, would I have ignored anything below the chin ;-) In comparison, Alex Mendez appeals much more to me, even if he doesn't have the uber-monster dick... but still qualifies as "BBC" (I noticed he's Cuban not Dominican though, in case you plan a Dominican-only shooting trip) ... I'd much rather like to see Alex more often than Billy. -- Regarding the "slightly" disappointing action, everything has been said before.

Nympho_Maniac, 14/August/2014

I watched this purely because Lucas was in it, I thought that he was great but the other 2 guys not so. Billy didn't really do anything for me, might have been better if Lucas had been dominated/DP'd by the other two. I liked it when both guys were working Lucas's nipples. In short: Lucas+nipples = Good, Billy=Bad.

Funtime, 14/August/2014

ok scene, I'm not so fond of either Billy or Alex to me their cocks are too small and they don't have such pretty faces. Read that Alejandro retired but there must be some more black talent with really big cocks like Alejandro or Devon out there. Tyler Johnson another good black model wasn't as hung as them (his cock was very nice and thick though) he fucked all the bottoms with high intensity, he's a really good top. Devon can be really good like in his scene with Troy Stevenson, and in the foursome where he also fucked Troy like a rabbit hard and deep, but in many scenes Devon is way too gentle and "makes love" with the bottoms rather than pounding them hard and make use of every inch of his impressive cock and stick it all the way inside rather than just using half of it.

biggerthebetter, 14/August/2014

Les critiques qui ont été faites sur ces trois scènes réalisées par un producteur américain m'ont semblé sévères et peu fondées pour certaines d'entre elles. L'essentiel du porno est de voir en gros plan des séquences de pénétrations et, c'est le cas pour ces trois vidéos. De plus, les modèles choisis sont très bons. Il n'y a que la qualité d'image des clips qui est inférieure aux standards habituels de STAXUS. Pour répondre à Monsieur BURLING , je dirais que j'ai beaucoup aimé BILLY. Je le trouve mignon( il n'a que 19 ans) et a aussi beaucoup d'attributs placés là où il le faut. Je pense que BILLY est un atout pour STAXUS aux côtés de DEVON et ALEJANDRO pour des scènes interraciales à venir. Enfin, j'espère que la question de Monsieur BURLING n'entraînera aucun commentaire déplacé à l'encontre de BILLY.

PASCALOUX, 14/August/2014

I'm not agree with you guys about Billy. I think he needs more to get into it but he looks very hot to me. I want to see him more and see what's going to happen.

FSROLLINS, 14/August/2014

Billy Ricardo is amazing, a fantastic find!! I want him to fuck me!! Lets see him dominating some white boys :p

whatsacondom, 14/August/2014

Sorry this vid was a complete fail to me. But I will say I would like to see the two black guys again in a different vid, maybe one on one with white twinks.

bobby, 14/August/2014

As I said in my preceding post, I think "everything was in place" for a great scene...perhaps the chemistry simply was not there...or the camera angles. As for the models, I thought they were perfect. Alex is gorgeous and Billy is certainly cute and well hung (I simply couldn't take my eyes off him)! The interaction with Lucas simply wasn't there...

existenz, 14/August/2014

Michael : go forward with Billy 'Long' Ricardo ;) . Alex is a nice model either, but Billy is an excellent example of what comes from 'hot' places like the Caribbean... But, next time, as said previously, I hope to see some hard stuff with a model like Billy ;)

Vaclav, 15/August/2014

Hey guys! Wanted to give you a heads-up for what's coming next :) So next scenes on Staxus will be: Yuri Adamov, Sven Laarson and Darko Simic (football theme); Paul Walker and Alex Santana (tennis theme); Bo Randall and Matt Boner (school boys); Johny Cruz, Mike James and Sven Laarson (delivery boys). I will also post some trailers on the blog today! Have a wonderful weekend!

Staxus - Andy, 15/August/2014

I really hope that staxus can find som mega hung black studs in the dominican republic, with cocks atleast 26 cm long =D the bigger the better =D

biggerthebetter, 15/August/2014

Staxus, thanks for the heads up. But I didn't see Ariel Varga's name. I thought his last vid which I finally got to play was just short of amazing in how he surrender to his gentle but complete domination. I would love to see much more of him and maybe not such gentle domination, maybe pair him with a Billy type. But then I really don't know how you schedule things. I'm sure you don't have the boys in a magical warehouse and just take them out and match them up.

bobby, 15/August/2014

@Bobby - sometimes I wish we did have them all in a magical warehouse, it would make our lives so much easier !! With regards to Ariel Varga, he hasnt shot a scene for a while but he is in contact with me and we are discussing him doing more scenes. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 15/August/2014

Again thank you Michael for your prompt reply. Again it's makes being a member of Staxus so fun and refreshing.

bobby, 16/August/2014

I realize that tastes are various and different; i'm not however a big fan of your newie Billy Ricardo. I'd agree with all nymphomaniac ' s comments in fact : his hairstyle , face or whole look does not appeal that much to us. But this is a question of taste of course !

Christian, 17/August/2014

Fuck this new website layout is a complete joke. What toolhead came up with this design. Your photo quality and layout has really gone downhill - and it's a terrible pain in the ass to navigate now. Get fucking real, please.

fff, 22/August/2014

One of he few times that I didn't watch a Staxus scene to the end. Truly boring. What looked like great potential in the beginning turned dull rather quickly. Lucas and 2 guys just going through the motions.

Bsektorp5, 24/January/2015

Terrible camera work - an worthless mess.

alex, 29/January/2017

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