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Post-Match Blues Get Banged Away As Paul Walker Gives His Mate’s Ass A Locker Room Workout! HD

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Added: 04/August/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s face it folks, who wouldn’t feel a bit overawed by finding themselves alone in a locker-room with the one and only Paul Walker? Well, that’s certainly the impression that Jake Kelvin gives when the two of them return from action on the pitch – and it doesn’t take many seconds for the ever-assured Walker to take full advantage of the situation. Clearly sensing that he’s set for another easy fuck, the young stallion’s got Kelvin down on the floor in order to pay homage to that meaty, cut knob of his – and believe us, any initial awkwardness is promptly dismissed as Kelvin savours every rampant inch that his fuck-buddy can thrust in his direction.

Not that a fellow of Walker’s disposition is ever gonna be content with a mere blowjob, mind – no matter how enthusiastic it might be! No, what this stud wants is a taste of that tight little asshole that he knows is nestled between Kelvin’s butts; and needless to say it’s no time at all before that’s exactly what the fellow is enjoying!

The pleasure’s not all one-way traffic, however. Kelvin responds with understandable relish at having eight inches of dick pushed into his guts; and, having bounced up and down on Walker’s pogo-stick, accommodates the oversized shaft from behind like a long-term pro! It’s enough to bring out the animal in anyone – and Walker responds accordingly, banging away with typical verve and energy. Suffice it to say it’s not long before both lads are ready to hit the back of the net, producing a veritable cascade of jizz that leaves both cocks well-drained and satisfied. Just like yours, no doubt!

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It's a bit disappointing to see that more and more UK filmed scenes are safer sex ones now... sold as bareback twink site with daily updates, and the reduction to a new scene only every second day instead of daily was already unpleasant but tolerated; with the recent condom tendency in the UK, essentially only one quarter of the original promise has survived... a bareback sex clip on average every fourth day... when it's been filmed in Prague. Staxus, as a long time loyal fan and customer, I am afraid you are killing the base of your former success if you continue along this line...

Nympho_Maniac, 04/August/2014

Hi guys. Before there are anymore comments re condoms, we have taken note of the comments re condoms over the last few weeks and this is the penultimate condom scene, then there is one more this month and then we will be back to 100% bareback from now on. With regards to the daily updates, we used to update a photoset one day, then the accompanying video the next. All we have done is to now update both on the same day. We haven't reduced the amount of content we update. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 04/August/2014

Michael, firstly regarding the update frequency: When I joined, there were still new clips daily, then later reduced to the scheme you describe with alternating clips and photo sets. But that wasn't the point here, as I said it was tolerable. - On the condom topic, I think everybody understands the (honorable) motives for using condoms, and the challenges finding models that are willing to work bareback, but if you can't deliver it then it's just a matter of honesty not to promise it. - However, if you think you can do it in the future as you state here, then even better: congratulations! Also thanks a lot for always listening to your audience and being receptive, it is much appreciated.

Nympho_Maniac, 04/August/2014

Michael as far as I'm concerned it's all good, I realize that condoms are a fact of life. Also there is always enough material to view. I don't live here if you know what I mean. How how about clipping Yuri's juicy nipples, have you told him how he can make an old man so happy.

bobby, 04/August/2014

Hi Guys, would be great to hear what you guys think of Jake Kelvin. I'm in discussions with him at the moment about doing bareback for us so any feedback is appreciated. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 05/August/2014

Michael, in terms of Jake, he definitely shoots a good load, he has a great body but his abs look a bit odd to me when he's standing up. He looks more a top than a bottom so would be nice to see him top but probably not likely to see this as his profile states that he is a bottom rather than versatile. The video took ages for me to stream, is there a problem with this video or maybe just my PC going slow today?

Funtime, 05/August/2014

He's a hot guy but not as a bottom, he has a strong body and should be used as an aggressive top. But thats just me.

bobby, 05/August/2014

Jake is great. More of him please!

Nate, 05/August/2014

At least no tattoos ;)

Stefan, 05/August/2014

Be good to see Paul Walker lose the rubbers? What are the chances of him joining the bareback brotherhood?

whatsacondom, 05/August/2014

Personal opinion here, but I really don't care about the whole bareback issue. I just don't understand how a little sheath of latex can cause so much fury with some people. It's a fact of life and some performers just don't want to go bareback. That should be their right. Would you rather lose them entirely from the business? I would rather keep some of these great performers than see them leave just because some viewers can't shut up about condoms. As for Jake, he's so hot! I would love to see him again in anything. I don't care if he's top or bottom. I know some of the guys here rant and scream about it being "all about the TWINKS!!!!!!" but I variation is good, a lot of us appreciate different guys, I just wish some of those who do would be more vocal instead of this always being so one-sided. Staxus isn't about creating videos JUST FOR YOU, it's about pleasing different groups of members at different times with different videos, themes and performers. If you expect every video that arrives to perfectly suit your every need then you're going to be disappointed no matter what site you're a member of.

Tommy, 06/August/2014

@whatsacondom : Alas Paul will only do condom porn. @bobby & @funtime, Jake is strictly a bottom boy. He is a true cock slut ha ha but I know what you're saying he would make a great top. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 06/August/2014

Paul Walker is on so many sites,please delete him from Staxus. I cant stand him

ken, 14/August/2014

Jake is a good player in your team. We definitely would like to see him again, bare and bottoming if it is the way he only likes it !

Christian, 17/August/2014

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