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Assaulted & Abducted, Then Double-Fucked & Pissed On – But Johny Cruz Loves Every Minute! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 90)
Added: 18/November/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


Paying your respects to the dead can be an upsetting experience – and very understandably so – but, as young Johny Cruz discovers here, it can also be a somewhat dangerous one, too. For it’s here among the tombs and gravestones of a quiet Prague suburb that the lad is subjected to an unprovoked assault by Benjamin Dunn, who immediately abducts the youngster and takes him back to where Sam Williams is waiting in a nearby derelict building.

If that sounds like a somewhat provocative, almost disturbing experience to view then rest assured you’re pretty close to the mark; but (as so often with sex and violence) it’s also incredibly stimulating. A sentiment that’s quickly built upon when Williams and Dunn immediately begin to take erotic advantage of their captive – much to Cruz’s clear satisfaction. Indeed, any resistance that the lad displayed in the opening moments of the drama is promptly abandoned; with Cruz’s raging hard-on serving as testimony to his appreciation of the uninvited attention. And let’s be perfectly honest, attention is most definitely what he gets from the two other guys; literally ripping the clothes from his back and making him suck their dicks. It’s not exactly an easy watch per se; and it gets even more brutal when Williams pushes his cock up the lad’s ass.

But the piece de la resistance comes when Dunn and his co-conspirator decide to double-fuck their victim, before squirting first spunk and then piss all over his face! Something that Cruz himself evidentally enjoys given his own cum-shot. In short, a brutal, hardcore show in every sense, but one that grabs you by the nuts to make you squeal in delight!

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Best yet!

Norm, 18/November/2014

I love the roughness of this scene =D Johny is a great double penetration bottom, but we've seen him in many double penetrations before. It would be nice to see a bottom that has never been dp'd before getting double penetrated for the first time =)

biggerthebetter, 18/November/2014

I agree with biggerthebetter, lets see some new models getting DP'd, Im getting very bored of Johny now and he is being overused way too much. C'mon Staxus find some new bottoms we can enjoy.

Bobcat, 18/November/2014

Finally I'm getting some support on over use of some of the staxus bottoms like Johny. This scene was great, I loved the rough edge. I loved the pissing. What fell way short was seeing Johny again and yes Mike James wouldn't have worked either. I like the other commenters would have loved to have seen a new twink in this scene. There has been at least five in the last six months that come to mind. Sorry I hit the wrong star and under rated this vid at one, I meant three stars.

bobby, 18/November/2014

I loved this scene because of the theme and the pissing- and the models did a great job, too! But I agree with biggerthebetter: A new guy who never had two dicks inside his ass would have been a great addition - or perhaps someone cute like David Hanson?

Andi, 18/November/2014

great scene, love it. i am glad you left Sam's chest hair intact :)

marko, 18/November/2014

Au plan purement pornographique, cette scène est excellente. Cependant, je partage l'avis des autres intervenants sur l'omniprésence de Johny sur le site depuis déjà un long moment. J'aime beaucoup Johny mais je pense qu'il aurait pu être remplacé pour ce clip par un autre modèle et pourquoi pas par l'un des deux minets de la scène précédente (Alan ou Richie). En ce qui concerne l'urine, ce n'est pas ma tasse de thé mais il en faut pour tous les goûts ( mais pas trop souvent). En revanche, le fait de confier à John SMITH toutes les vidéos à venir est la meilleure stratégie commerciale à adopter. Cet excellent choix devrait permettre à STAXUS de s'installer et pour longtemps au sommet de la hiérarchie du porno gay sur internet.

Pascaloux, 18/November/2014

My favourite vid so far! It has it all ... 3 gorgeous guys with nice physiques, gorgeous looks and nice cocks :-) - give me Johny any day I won't complain :-) - it's one thing to get DPed but to be able to enjoy it so much as him is awesome! The sex positions are great too and to end up the scene with some fun water sport is the cherry on the top of the cake! 5 stars!

DJ, 18/November/2014

I totally agree withDJ, I would give this 10 stars because this is the best water sports scene I have witnesed!

Neville, 18/November/2014

Wow, this is a real master piece! Congratulations to John Smith! And I don't agree with "too much Johny Cruz" complaints - to the contrary, he's one of the hottest guys in the current stable, obviously enjoys what he does in front of the cam, and together with the two studs in this clip forms a great team! --- This scene pushes all my buttons: hot twinks (almost self-understood) in hot bareback action, but in this case adding abduction, rape, domination, bondage, deep throat mouth fucks and double penetration to the plain vanilla action. I came twice even though I had just had sex before! :-)) --- Besides, @Dennis from Staxus: this is the best conceivable argument, just one day after your new focus on John Smith became public, for your decision. To be fair with Michael, he also had to fight with the reluctance of UK models to do bareback work, and some other difficulties, but the creativity, the ambition, and the professional skills of John Smith as a porn director are just unmatched. --- Being a subscriber also to some other porn sites, I was considering to leave because of too many boring "plain vanilla" scenes lately (from both production lines, but more from UK) - but today's scene (even if I could have spared the cemetery and the pissing end, but I appreciate others will love it) has convinced me to give John Smith (and hence Staxus) credit for at least another year! :) 10 of 5 stars, and my new top favorite. :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 19/November/2014

Dude since when are any of the models in this video twinks? Do you even know what a twink is? Seriously sometimes I read comments and wonder if the people making have a clue what they are talking about.

Bobcat, 19/November/2014

@Bobcat, I am not sure it is worth discussion here, but since you raise it: Wikipedia ( , referring to the Oxford Dictionary) defines the term twink as "a gay slang term used to refer to a young (18 to early 20s) homosexual man with certain outward characteristics, such as an effeminate manner, a thin build, no body or facial hair, which all contribute to a youthful look." I'm not sure what is so wrong here? And characterize themselves as "dedicated to gay bareback videos and some of the sexiest twinks and European jock boys you're ever likely to find". So?

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 20/November/2014

By your own definition these guys arent twinks, No body or facial hair (Sam Williams has a hairy chest), 18 to early 20's (Johny Cruz is 25). Louis Blakeson is a twink, Brad Fitt is a twink, these guys are not, they are jocks.

Bobcat, 20/November/2014

Well, @Bobcat, sorry if as a non-native speaker, I fail to live up to your language expectations. So, be happy you are right, and I'm happy Staxus has great guys to show to us, whatever you may call them ;-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 20/November/2014

I think that the twinks on staxus' website are great, to me it doesn't have to be about that the models wear a lot of makeup, feminine haircuts, feminine makeup, no muscle and teenager looking etc. it's just very nice with young, fresh, masculine and pretty looking models =) (as most staxus models are)

biggerthebetter, 20/November/2014

I'm not a big fan of the pissing at the end but the rest is amazing. 5/5 for me.

Funtime, 21/November/2014

A flat scene .... 2/6

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

Personally, I like to have some surprise in the scenes. Where there is some guess as to who will bottom.

Laryagar, 21/December/2014

OMG!one of the best scenes ever especially the piss scene at the end.

chupollas, 01/January/2015

All that dark hair! That DP! What a fantastic DP resource this is at Staxus

Jasyn19, 01/February/2015

Double penetration and one of the hottest watersports scene ever! Top notch!

Julienxxx, 08/March/2015

Count me as someone who can't ever have enough of Johny Cruz being DP'd. He's fucking amazing.

DF, 30/August/2015

Beautiful sexy big cock I love mmmmmmmm

STU , 26/December/2015

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