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Bonus Content: Lollipop Underground - Part #1 HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 29/November/2014
Comments: 25


Private investigator, Jacobey London, doesn’t really give a shit when he receives a cease & desist order; he’s not exactly new to operating outside the rules (he only accepts two forms of payment: cash or sex.) He’s skeptical when pretty young Benjamin Riley turns up on his doorstep asking for his help in finding the people responsible for his friend’s brutal beating.

Jacobey decides to take the case, though, when he realizes the victim is his former lover. Little Benjamin doesn’t have the cash to pay for his services, but Jacobey is happy to take his ass at payment. He wets Benjamin’s pink hole with his tongue before stretching it out with his hard cock. The two fuck hard all over the PI’s office before Benjamin ends up laced in hot, sticky cum.

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Pefect. when I recover I'll say more. OMG how cute and fuckable is Benjamin.

bobby, 29/November/2014

Very enjoyable scene with 2 absolutely gorgeous twinks, just a shame that I watched this exact scene on another website several weeks ago(unfortunately I can't remember which one). I thought Staxus only did original scenes but disappointed to say that this appears not to be the case.

Funtime, 29/November/2014

I believe this scene was already on Lollipop Twinks so wtf Staxus ? You get rid of one director and now give us secondhand content instead?

Bobcat, 29/November/2014

Funny, as much as I loved the scene, I thought something was off, the lollipop reference gave me pause. Not sure I care if Staxus imports some outside stuff if its good and gived me the twink edge I like. It's almost like having a guest programmer come on board. All I care about at this point is fresh twink meat. I'll withhold judgment until I see how this plays out.

bobby, 29/November/2014

I think that Jacobey was the star in this scene, love his looks and he gave Benjamin a good pounding, he didn't seem completely hard at times but that's understandable it must be very nervous to have sex infront of the camera for the first time. Benjamin is cute, but to my taste he looks a bit underage and teenish :P But I'm happy for those who likes really young looking twinks, Benjamin must be "right up their ally" =)

biggerthebetter, 29/November/2014

Je confirme que cette scène est issue d'un site à minets américain qui s'appelle LOLLIPOP TWINKS et que ledit site a publié ce clip le 03/03/2014. Compte tenu que John SMITH reste l'unique réalisateur chez STAXUS, il devient évident qu'il ne pourra pas seul faire le travail de deux personnes. En conséquence, je ne vois aucune objection à ce que STAXUS publie de bonnes scènes provenant de sites concurrents. En ce qui me concerne, je préfère ce clip entre deux adorables minets aux réalisations très souvent moyennes de M BURLING à qui je souhaite néanmoins bonne chance et succès dans les nouvelles fonctions qu'il occupera.

Pascaloux, 29/November/2014

Benjamin is beautiful and want to see him in some orignal Staxus stuff, preferably with a black cock.

pllobc, 30/November/2014

Hi guys! This is an extra bonus scene on top of our content (hence 3 updates in 3 days). This doesn't replace our production, it's just something extra we added from a different studio. Hence the name of the scene "Bonus Content"

Staxus - Andy, 30/November/2014

this was a free extra scene on top of what we already give you - we thought it was nice to give you something extra - for free. you get all our usual scenes and now we add some more from other studios for free - isnt that a good thing?

steve, 01/December/2014

This was an excellent scene from a series by Director Andy Kay who actually shot the first Dominican Republic scenes back in April. I think some "indoor studio" scenes with American models would be a plus I am not sure the on location scenes (that featured US models) really have been the best for Staxus. One big exception was the hot Mike James Adrian Rivers scene posted the 22nd.

DeWayne in SD, 02/December/2014

Very boring .. Staxus : what are you doing ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

the videos is very sexy and attractive and fun

sheriffawzy888, 18/November/2016

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