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Bonus Content: Taking It Bare - Part #2 HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 43)
Added: 31/December/2014
Duration: 19 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Dustin Revees and Vince Faulkner are on the couch and they're talking animatedly about anything and everything that interests them. You can see there's a spark between the two and you know that since this is a porn site that things are about to get hot and heavy. They're both deeply interested in the intricacies or oral sex and they give each other tempting twink blowjobs to make those cocks grow. Moans and the sounds of sucking fill the room. Soon thereafter Vince is on his back getting his ass fucked by Dustin Revees.

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Been a fan of Dustin for awhile, glad to see one of his on this site.

addy, 31/December/2014

I had forgotten this little gem of a scene between the then real life Boyfriends Vince and Dustin. One of the few Bareback GLN scenes as well.

DeWayne in SD, 31/December/2014

this was a great bonus. I would have guessed Dustin as the bottom, but he is great top...❤dr

dr24, 29/January/2015

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