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Hot, Horny Blond Twink Gets Spit-Roasted & Creamed By His Big Dicked Workmates! HD

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Added: 13/January/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 29 seconds
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Ever wondered why the trains never seem to run on time and are constantly blighted by delays and cancellations? Well, it’s because the guys who conduct all the engineering work that’s necessary for the system to work are way too busy drinking coffee and – in this instance at least – sucking cock! Or at least that’s the impression you get when young bottle-blond, Nathan Dale, encounters the hunky Shane Barret during the course of a work-break.

In fairness, of course, it’s quite understandable as to why the youngster should be so utterly distracted by his handsome colleague – let’s face it, who wouldn’t find themselves at least just a little overwhelmed by Barret’s toned physique and generously sized dick? But even so there’s no understating the lad’s response, which quickly involves deep-throating Barret’s ramrod; before lying himself out on a nearby desk to enjoy the fucking of a lifetime! Indeed, given the manner with which Dale’s cock quite literally dribbles with pre-cum during the course of his buggering, it’s clear that this is one very happy little twink!

Not that the fellow’s pleasure ends there. Having then sat upon and ridden Barret’s thick, meaty shaft, the young man finds himself with almost more cock than he knows what to do with when Oscar Hart unexpectedly enters the room. It’s an entrance that quickly results in Dale enjoying a very vigorous spit-roasting; before Hart promptly spews the contents of his balls all over the bottom’s cute young face. A move that is very quickly matched by Barret fucking the spunk out of his pal, before creaming his mouth!