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Quirky Young Yank Tourist Gets His Holes Pummelled On The Beach By A Monster Black Dick! HD

1.8/5 (Total votes: 58)
Added: 11/January/2015
Duration: 17 minutes, 46 seconds
Comments: 25


He might not be your typical looking boy, but there’s absolutely no questioning young Tyler Tremallose’s lust for hard cock – especially when the dick on offer is thick, uncut and black. A point that’s underlined when the kinky little red-head teams up with Enrique Balboa for a beachside suck-and-fuck-fest. Fact is, the quirky American can’t get enough of that native trouser-snake and is soon avidly feasting on its handsome girth, whilst the waves continue to lap around them both.

Balboa, in return, simply lies back and enjoys all the unadulterated attention that his horny companion is only too eager and willing to give; but it’s clear from pretty much the start that the white-boy’s ambitions involve getting his buddy’s oversized ramrod deep inside his pert, hungry ass. An ambition that he achieves at almost breakneck speed, as Tremallose plonks himself down on the black lad’s lap and promptly proceeds to bounce up and down the length of that magnificent weapon; before Balboa takes mastery of the situation by bundling the red-head onto all fours and fucking the bitch from behind. A move that the long-haired bottom clearly relishes, taking every inch of rampant meat like the cock-loving fiend that he unquestionably is.

Indeed, it’s no small wonder that the guy is soon squirting the contents of his cum-sac in sweet satisfaction; before Balboa completes proceedings by squirting all over his mate’s face. Days out on the beach in the Caribbean have surely never been quite so satisfying!

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This HAD the potential to be good, but there weren't nearly enough closeups and the cumshot was poorly captured. Not to mention the condom. :(

dobeofthesand, 11/January/2015

No more condoms!!!!!!

whatsacondom, 11/January/2015

I'm totally agree with dobeofthesand. Very very disappointing and frustrating.

FSROLLINS, 11/January/2015

This did absolutely nothing for me.

Funtime, 11/January/2015

Ugh - that hair again

Jaydub, 11/January/2015

Depuis le 1er janvier, vous avez diffusé quatre scènes interraciales et cela devient ennuyeux. Ces clips réalisés en République Dominicaine sont loin d'avoir obtenu un franc succès surtout par l'absence d'émotion et de passion entre les modèles. Si vous êtes amené à renouveler cette expérience, il va falloir revoir votre copie. Il n'est pas dans mes habitudes de critiquer, mais j'attends beaucoup plus de votre site qui a tous les atouts entre les mains pour s'installer au sommet de la hiérarchie du porno gay sur internet et durablement. A l'heure d'aujourd'hui vous êtes toujours devancé par BELAMI.

Pascaloux, 11/January/2015

Some part of the doggy position was good, other than that the scene lacked passion, especially the oral part was very lame. I tend to agree with Pascaloux about that many of the scenes from the Dominican Republic has lacked passion between the models, and to me some have been way too soft, not enough hard pounding and rough oral action, with that said there's been some really good ones as well. I like IR scenes so I hope we'll se more of them in the future, but please make them more intense and hard.

biggerthebetter, 11/January/2015

Love BBC, love IR, but indeed like most of the recent DR series from this fall/winter, this one falls far behind/below what we were used from Staxus in general, and John Smith in particular. Apparently it was really difficult during this journey to find local models that were not only good-looking and hung, but also willing and passionate. - And the hairstyle and color.... well ;/

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/January/2015

Worst clip I`ve ever watched here and this is very seldom. Unattractive and no sexy moments..just 1star

Chris, 12/January/2015

This scene went wrong. The boys are restless around there was too busy. Camera - perhaps filmed some beginner?

renda567, 12/January/2015

Jeez only just seen this and it's a disaster. These two are just so boring together and I hope I never see them together again

Toss7228ER, 10/February/2015

I cannot download a single video when the site filter is set active. If a filter is set, the video name gets a strange extension. If I remove the site filter, the clip can be downloded as ususal.

Site error, 04/August/2015

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