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Underwear Shoot Becomes A Hot, Spunky Shoot As Three Horny Lads Strip Their Jocks & Fuck! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 02/February/2015
Duration: 31 minutes, 55 seconds
Comments: 25


If you’re young, sexy and über-horny, could there really be any more fun than getting together with other similarly-minded dudes for a marketing shoot for an underwear website ( ...? Well, not if this filthy escapade is anything to go by, that’s for sure. Johny Cruz, Shane Barret and STAXUS’s very own exclusive Italian stallion, Victor Diamond, get together to promote the hottest jockstraps and briefs around – and suffice it to say that it’s not too long before the underwear has been tossed to one side, the cocks are out and all three lads are feasting on all the fresh, uncut meat that’s now on display.

To be fair, there isn’t one of these three boys that you would ever choose to kick out of your bed, but overall we think it’s probably new-boy Diamond who’s gonna get the greatest public attention. For one thing, he’s clearly a novice to porn – and that in itself is quite an attraction. For another (and probably greater reason) he’s quite simply fucking gorgeous! Little wonder that Cruz and Barret (both of whom have been around the sex-block quite a few times already) don’t seem to be able to get enough of the fellow.

In the end it’s actually Barret who gets the pleasure of fucking the guy, having already given Cruz’s hole a well-deserved stretching courtesy of his oversized ramrod; before he and Diamond gather around Cruz’s face and squirt the contents of their dicks all over the lad’s expectant face. That just leaves Cruz to the joy of knocking out his own ever-generous wad of jizz – by which time we’re sure your own balls will be well dry!

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very hot! But I'm disappointed with Shane in the end, Johny's held his mouth centimeters away from Victor's ass and even stuck his tongue out I thought that we were going to see some really hot ATM but Shane wouldn't stick his cock in Johny's mouth :P Well other than that this scene was splendid, Victor is another very good new find of staxus =)

biggerthebetter, 02/February/2015

How ever much you're paying Shane Barret it isn't enough!! I'd .ove to see a vid of him fucking his girlfriend!!

whatsacondom, 02/February/2015

Hot guys , hot scene , victor pushed all my buttons.!! Need to buy some new undies ASAP !!!!!

patmiky, 02/February/2015

We finally get to see Victor, and you put him in a three-way where he is not the complete center of attention. Just dumb.

trex, 02/February/2015

Victor looks hot but for his first scene he should have been the main focal point.

Funtime, 02/February/2015

Just a general note, since I see you are working with Helix, Why not make them send Jessie Montgomery over so some of the Euro Tops you have can work him over. All he gets fucked by at Helix is lame Twinks. He's getting old enough he needs manhandling and he's done bareback for them.

bobby, 02/February/2015

Une nouvelle vidéo excellente et particulièrement chaude. En ce qui concerne Shane BARRET, j'ai comme WHATSACONDOM vu la vidéo dans laquelle il satisfait sa copine et cela me chagrine qu'il puisse encore être engagé dans un studio de porno gay. Je suggère donc que l'orientation sexuelle des modèles soit mentionnée sur leur fiche signalétique comme cela se fait chez HELIXSTUDIOS par exemple( ce qui éviterait d'être trompé sur la marchandise et désolé d'être aussi dur). Si Shane aime les filles, il devrait se lancer dans le porno hétéro et si cela ne rapporte pas assez, je lui suggère de se lever tous les matins pour aller travailler comme je le fais moi-même depuis 34 ans.

Pascaloux, 02/February/2015

Bobby the video scenes on Helix are part of a licensing agreement Staxus and Helix are not shooting joint productions.. Jessie Montgomery's exclusive period ended last April he has just chosen to remain with Helix he is in fact free to shoot for anyone. I agree with your point Jessie NEEDs some big jocks to manhandle him! ;-0

DeWayne in SD, 02/February/2015

Note on Victor Diamond please get him in a scene with just Shane Barret what a hot guy!

DeWayne in SD, 02/February/2015

@Pascaloux, you do realise that about 80-90% of the Czech guys are straight and have girlfriends. If they all left and went to do hetero porn as you suggest Staxus (and every other Czech studio) would have no models left ha ha. I personally don't want to see their sexual orientation on their profiles, this would completely destroy my fantasy (and I'm sure a lot of other guys), if we know its just two straight guys fucking for money. Its all about the illusion right? Who cares what or who they fuck in their personal lives. Just my 2c....

Joel K, 02/February/2015

Joel K, Il n'y a que deux jours que j'ai découvert que l'immense majorité des modèles d'Europe de l'Est sont hétéros. Je m'interroge même de savoir comment ils peuvent avoir une érection sans avoir recours à des pilules non adaptées à des jeunes gens de leur âge. J'ai lu cette information sur un blog qui plagie BELAMI dont tous les modèles y compris KEVIN WARHOL ont des copines. Autant vous dire que j'y regarderai à deux fois maintenant avant de m'abonner sur un site tchèque à l'exception de STAXUS que j'apprécie énormément pour l'excellence des clips et la proximité qu'ils ont avec leurs clients. J'ai dépassé depuis un bon moment le demi siècle et suis sans doute vieux jeu, mais dans le porno gay, je préfère voir en action de vrais gays.

Pascaloux, 02/February/2015

@ DeWayne in SD. you seem connected, do you know what happened to Scotty Clarke, he was the reason I signed up for Helix, and he disappeared.

bobby, 03/February/2015

<p>On the "gay for pay" discussion, I'd like to join in Joel K that Pascaloux's proposal to specify the models' sexual preferences on their profile pages would indeed be counterproductive. </p> <p>While probably most would agree it would be nice and best to only have "true gays" shoot gay porn, in reality there wouldn't be much left of the industry... so don't bother us with whether some models consider themselves gay, bi- or heterosexual or whatever else... as long as they are willing to perform as is required from them by this production, and they do it well, that should be all we need to know.</p> <p>The specific case who started this discussion on this page, Shane Barret, at least, for me personally is among the hottest studs Staxus currently has to show us, and I don't mind him banging a girlfriend in his private life at all. :-) </p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 03/February/2015

Is this a prelude for a second instalment of these three Boys ? I think they should show us more of their underwear. Even with an audience ? Then I know these Boys could show us much more exitement with each other as they have left us wanting more. We all know they are capable of two or even three cum shots and more ATM & fingering, fisting & pissing !? Please can we see these three Boys together again ?

Neville, 03/February/2015

Nymphomaniac Funseeker expressed it all much better than I would have said it myself beeing non native english speaker ! 100/100 agree.

Christian, 03/February/2015

I'm subscribed to this site and Helix... So I don't really like the mixing up things. Staxus has its very own style and so does Helix. Just saying.

Maurice, 04/February/2015

@Pascaloux, they obviously use viagara or something like that to get hard. Theres no way guys stay as hard as some of these models do without taking something. I guess this is one of the things that kinda puts me off this gay-for-pay porn a bit, knowing that the hardons arent natural and its just a guy pumped full of something fucking another guy for money but hey.... This is one area that Helix does score over Staxus in that most of the models are gay and theres a lot more chemistry in the scenes. There must be more gay Czechs, cmon Staxus find them !!

Joel K, 04/February/2015

Just caught that last comment. Helix has nothing on Staxus. Helix is a bunch of Twinks fucking each other with condoms on and soft fucking most of the time. The whole bunch of them are bottoms taking turns pretending to be tops, I don't know what your watching Joel K.

bobby, 05/February/2015

@Biobby, is English your first language? This is the second time you've completely misread a comment Ive made. Again re read it or use Google to translate it.

Joel K, 06/February/2015

I'm not so sure if staxus models uses a lot of viagra, sometimes there's the occasional wood problem (not naming any models). I'm all for viagra no fun with semi hard cocks, cocks going flaccid during scenes much rather see guys with a raging boner and a slightly red flushed face than models never getting fully hard :P

biggerthebetter, 06/February/2015

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