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Feeling Blue? Arthur Kral Gets The Perfect Pick-Me-Up When He Fucks & Creams His Mate! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 94)
Added: 20/February/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


Arthur Kral’s feeling a little bit sad and world-weary – but don’t worry, Erik Franke seems to know exactly what will put a smile back on his handsome face! Suffice it to say that the young lad’s efforts soon gain a ready response, though in fairness there’s not too many gay guys who wouldn’t be cheered up at the prospect of a mindless romp with this horny little blond bitch. And let’s face it, Franke makes his intentions altogether obvious right from the start – reaching into Kral’s pants and grabbing hold of the fellow’s dick with the sort of gusto and enthusiasm you only ever see from a lad who lives for cock.

It’s a move that immediately gains Kral’s approval, that’s for sure. Before you know it the two beauties are taking it in turn to feast on each other’s knobs; then position themselves to engage in an adventurous course of 69-ing that results in each boy simultaneously rimming the other. Little wonder that they both have a grin on their face; but it’s Franke who has the broadest smile when Kral thrusts his gorgeous, thick, uncut ramrod between his buddy’s butt-cheeks.

Cue a terrific, breathless session of raw, hardcore sex that provides the young bottom with all the stimulation he could possibly ever wish for, as Kral buggers him in a whole series of positions; before finally concluding his efforts by spewing all over Franke’s face. That only leaves Franke to return the favour – cum-streaks still in his hair – as he whitewashes Kral’s features with similar gusto. A final, sticky smooch between these two fresh-faced angels makes it a wrap you won’t forget!

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Nice one guys.!!!! Love skinny twinks like this couple. Well done.!

patmiky, 20/February/2015

Cute boys but no passion between them. Just going through the motions.

Bluetopman, 20/February/2015

Have to agree qith bluetopman-emotions and desire to eachother are missing, but even a hot scene...

Chris, 20/February/2015

<p>Hi guys!</p> <p>I have added the full Staxus schedule for March over here:</p> <p><a href=">Staxus March - Upcoming Scenes</a></p> <p>Cheers!</p>

Staxus - Andy, 20/February/2015

March stuff looks wonderful. Roll it on. I cannot understand why it took SOOOO long to discover you after my many years' devotion to BA. There's something deliciously dirty about this site. Like why I love seedy darkrooms. I love it! Maybe vanilla is no longer my flavour.

Jasyn19, 20/February/2015

La seule présence dans une scène de l'adorable petit Erik suffit (en ce qui me concerne) à la rendre exceptionnelle. Ce petit ange tombé du ciel est le minet le plus mignon du porno gay à l'heure actuelle et tous sites confondus. Je viens de découvrir le calendrier de mars qui semble être au vu des photos très prometteur. STAXUS a maintenant détrôné BA de la première place du podium des meilleurs sites à minets sur "internet".

Pascaloux, 20/February/2015

such a great scene, both guys are adorable. thanks Staxus!

marko, 20/February/2015

Very pretty boys, but lacked in passion. They made love but not "porn magic" :P

biggerthebetter, 20/February/2015

I do love these two Boys ! They are my favourites and they are adorable together ! Franke kept his cock hard throughout the scene amazing ! They both have gorgeous eyes and characters which I would like to see more of ?

Neville, 20/February/2015

have to agree with the comments above, amazing looking guys but zero passion between them, basically just there for their pay checks. Seems to be happening more and more lately Ive noticed.

Joel K, 20/February/2015

The passion is indeed not obvious between the 2. Never mind. The close views on Erik's ass and his skills in ass to mouth sucking are hot ! Arthur is as usual a great lovely all in model and here a good fucker. Could we see him bottom again please ?

Christian, 21/February/2015

I love both, Erik and Arthur so am in heaven right now having seen this. Both guys are so hot and for me, there is passion there. Together they made sweet music(and love). Erik has a great 8 pack, I think I need to get some tips from him about how to stay slim but get a great body.

Funtime, 21/February/2015

It's a shame this wasn't a flip flop fuck as I'd hoped. Arthur recent bottoming scene was so hot and wished it was replicated again. I think going forward Arthur should always bottom or at leas flip flop as he's that great as a versatile performer. Don't like predictability and love to see surprises. Even his recent 3 way was disappointing as he was fully engaged it seemed.

Norm, 21/February/2015

Finally just the way I wanted Erik Fucked. Totally all the positions covered the perfect ass to mouth everything. He reminds me oof another Staxus favorite Tim Walker. Please more of these one on ones for him with your best tops. Get kinky with him he was made for it. I gave it 5 stars, because I couldn't give it 10. Oh and no I don't want him in Flip fucks. I want him on the bottom taking it.

bobby, 21/February/2015

Hi we have quite a few good new models and it takes time for them to settle in and relax. As they do the passion emerges. So give them time!

steve, 23/February/2015

There's a lot to like in Arthur Kral. He's good-looking/handsome, has a big cock with lots of foreskin, big balls, and lots of hair in his inner thighs. I hope we see much more of this Adonis!

dennis, 23/February/2015

From the comments, seems everybody really love Arthur Kral, including me ! I think with Sam Wiliams, Dylan Day, Florian Mraz, Luke Vogel, Harry Wakker : all these great guys have still not given their full " power" and potential yet and especially Arthur as a bottom can / should / will ? be seen again please !

Christian, 14/March/2015

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