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Underwear Emergency – One Young Twink Can’t Resist A Big-Dicked Cop In (Or Out Of) His Uniform!

4.2/5 (Total votes: 67)
Added: 22/February/2015
Duration: 28 minutes, 46 seconds
Comments: 25


What Imelda Marcos was to shoes, so Nathan Dale is to underwear – or at least that’s what it looks like at the start of this scene. Has anyone ever had such a tremendous collection of pants? Indeed, such is the young lad’s obsession with the said garment that he actually goes so far as to call the emergency services to come over and see the collection for themselves – which in ordinary terms would almost certainly be met with a police caution for time wasting! Putting realism to one side, however, on this particular occasion the officer who makes an appearance at Dale’s apartment is none other than Harry Vakker, who (it must be said) cuts quite a magnificent figure in police uniform.

To that end, then, Dale’s response is most understandable; promptly making an advance on his visitor and quite literally licking Vakker’s boots in order to impress – which is something he most definitely does, big style! Suffice it to say that it’s not many moments before the handsome stud in uniform is responding just the way that Dale very clearly wanted right from the start; and, having each engaged in a quick session of fellatio on each other, the two guys are soon eagerly feasting on each other’s dicks 69-style.

The highlight of the action, however, surely comes when Vakker – who by this point has been eagerly rimmed by the horny young twink – ploughs his dick into Dale’s ass, signalling the start of a powerful, ball-bustin’ session of hardcore fornication. It’s a show that simply shouldn’t be missed, and it only concludes when both lads cream themselves into a very sticky but appreciative climax. As police investigations go, it’s a definite winner!

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I'm not much into role playing (my personal opinion), but I'd have to say that was a hot scene, especially with Nathan taking Harry's load & sucking him dry!

mwhisky, 22/February/2015

It's so easy to enjoy this scene since the first to the last minute (or last drop). Why ? Because it's so good to see someone that loves sex, that enjoys to give his body to his partner, that is so passionate when performing, when having sex. We see Nathan enjoying every piece of Harry's body. We see Harry giving his best to Nathan, because Nathan wants all of him. This is a nice, simple and true moment of sex. All i have to say now is this : it's so easy to shoot with someone that cares so much for sex, isn't it ?!!!

Vaclav, 22/February/2015

Nathan is a quite handsome boy. His feminine behavior I like its not too much but one can feel and see it a little. Harry is cute too. Nice scene..

Chris, 22/February/2015

Here in this scene the heat and full passion perspire through it all along. Both guys really seem to enjoy themselves, especially the greedy Nathan. Harry gets a great, taken a bit too far away though, fantastic rimming, showing us his hole ! The extended wet kissing is also nice. Great fucking as we love to see.

Christian, 22/February/2015

Really good on Harry's part, he fucked Nathan like a machine, and I really like his hot ripped body and his handsome face =D Nathan does a good performance, but as far as looks goes I personally don't find him very attractive. (perhaps I've been spoilt with all the super attractive new models we've seen lately :P like Shane Barett, Florian Mzraz, Arthrul Kral, Luke Vogel that are all 10/10 guys with amazing bodies and very attractive faces)

biggerthebetter, 22/February/2015


Neville, 22/February/2015

these two really live this scene. i enjoyed it so much!

marko, 22/February/2015

Une excellente scène avec deux très séduisants modèles qui ont réalisé une très grande prestation pleine de passion d'un bout à l'autre du clip. La note moyenne de 4/5 après vingt votes est exagérément basse et en aucun cas justifiée vu le caractère pornographique exceptionnel de cette réalisation. En ce qui concerne Nathan, je le trouve mignon et souhaite le voir encore longtemps en action sur le site.

Pascaloux, 22/February/2015

Absolutely awesome. Both lived the moment and fucked as if there were no tomorrow. Congratulations on producing such a steamy chronicle. I loved the staxus collection of undies scattered around the place. A great idea. I must try it.

Jasyn19, 22/February/2015

Simply superbe! When passion meets beauty... :-)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/February/2015

Great build up to sex. Underwear patrol! what a hoot.

thunderball, 23/February/2015

Loved it. Hands-free cumshot from Nathan was good to see as it shows he was enjoying being fucked senseless and the cumshot from Harry was like a shower. Nice to see Nathan licking the cum of Harry's Stomach.

Funtime, 23/February/2015

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Staxus - Andy, 23/February/2015

awesome scene. and fbulous bottom boy ...the sexiest

P, 21/July/2015

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