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Yuri Adamov Takes A Face-Load Of Piss – Then Takes His Mate’s Thick Dick For A Raw Ride! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 97)
Added: 04/March/2015
Duration: 23 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


After a hard session of cross-country running, is there any better way to clean off and relax than to strip right down and to take a shower? Certainly young Roman Smid doesn’t appear to think so, that’s for sure; although his time alone only lasts a few moments. That’s because he’s very quickly joined by the ever-adorable Yuri Adamov, who immediately lathers up and helps his buddy to soap down. All of this will obviously help Smid to wash away the grime and sweat of the run. What it might not do, however, is help the fellow wind-down – in fact, Smid’s excitement levels are soon raised to fever pitch when his mate invites him to piss all over his face!

It’s certainly not behaviour that’s conducive to taking it easy; and it might go some way to explaining how quickly the two lads are enjoying a passionate raw fuck almost as soon as they’ve quit the bathroom together just a few minutes later. Indeed, there’s no holding these two beauties back once they’ve located a mattress – Adamov is quite literally riding that long, meaty shaft of his mate’s like a bitch in season before anyone really knows what’s happening.

Not that you blame him the lad, of course. With a pole like that between his legs, Smid is surely everyone’s idea of a welcome break; and it should come as no wonder to anyone that he’s soon taking the handsome rod in a whole series of positions! All climaxing in a hands-free eruption whilst being duly buggered; before Smid seals the deal in return by busting his nuts at Adamov’s welcoming mouth. Surely another shower is but moments away ...?

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What a change from the last dreadful posting, this one is excellent.!! Well recovered guys. Something for everyone to enjoy, but please have one of yuris parters cum on his wonderful nipples & SLOWLY lick them clean.

patmiky, 04/March/2015

When there is passion, chemistry, emotion, thrill, anything good can happen. Here, with Yuri and Roman, something very good took place. They kiss each other so passionately, even when they are fuckin', they want to do this (sex) ! Yuri wants to have Romand and Roman wants Yuri. Think they match perfectly. Yuri (everybody knows here what I think) is a fantastic model (power bottom) and no wonder this scene would ended up so good. And Roman helped it so good !

Vaclav, 04/March/2015

Very good scene, the piss is really hot and Yuri taking it in his mouth is even hotter and finally there is PASSION in the scene. Hoorah !

Joel K, 04/March/2015

Not to compare with the videoclip two days ago. They fit to each other and adore and like each other..this is what you can see! Roman is a sexy and cute guy and Yuri like always best bottom..Great

Chris, 04/March/2015

Sorry don't care for golden showers other wise the scene was good

deekster, 04/March/2015

Have no more ideas, your videos are always boring!

beschel, 04/March/2015

SUPERB video. It's compelling from the opening to the very last frame. I enjoy and understand why you like to use your camera slider as often as you can (they ARE nice, aren't they?) - its use in the early part of this movie in the bedroom where it tracked the camera from right to left and which led to the action being obscured was a problem : it would have been so much better moving from left to right from obscured action to clear action (you could easily re-edit that clip in reverse). I loved the way Yuri pulled Roman deeply into him around 08:20 and the hugely innovative fucking position at 19:20 - this had makings of the Kama Sutra of gay sex about it. Yuri's cumming was brilliant dribbling out of his super-hard cock - something I'm not sure we see all that often - and then his cummy lick of his finger. Now THIS is how sizzling sex should be recorded - with two boys who clearly loved every bit of what they were doing. It really shows when they do.

Jasyn19, 04/March/2015

Dans cette excellente scène, le très sexy Yuri a une fois de plus réalisé une prestation exceptionnelle à la hauteur de son talent qui est immense et je suis en plus convaincu qu'il est gay. Quant à Romain, il est très séduisant et constitue un atout de haut niveau pour le site. Félicitations pour ce clip qui contraste du tout au tout avec celui de la veille.

Pascaloux, 04/March/2015

Yuri is my dream man and safe to say that he sends me into over-drive with his hands-free cumshot but I don't see the appeal of the golden shower. I think Yuri would be good for a snowballing scene.

Funtime, 06/March/2015

Great to see yuri in a Golden shower scene! And fact that the pissing comes initially instead of at the very end is a turn on as well! One of my favorites!

Julienxxx, 08/March/2015

I wasn't into pissing before, but after seeing this video, I'm more open to it!

mwhisky, 09/March/2015

Pissing, kissing, sucking and fucking...I loved it all.

❤dr, 20/May/2015

OMG, what a great scene. I find golden shower scenes boring and drawn out, but trust these two to make it so arousing. The thought of Roman tasting his own piss on Yuri's lips in the immediate post-pissing kiss was almost more than I could cope with. And what about that fabulous ejaculation from Yuri, his cum pouring down his cock like a lava flow?? Yuri often seems to have trouble maintaining erections, so this really was great to see. These two models are gorgeous and go beautifully together. Special mention must as always go to the ultra-sexy Roman. Such kind and beautiful eyes, and a smile that could floor anyone. Roman, you never let us down, and you always look so gentle and considerate, even when you're pounding your partner at full force! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not imagining you! Don't join the police force any time soon. It would be a terrible loss to the gay porn world. ALL HAIL ROMAN!

Aino Wave, 31/May/2015

Yuri even manages to make "aw fuck" sound halfway sexy.

felixblk, 19/May/2016

The piss scene is so fuckin hot. I would really enjoy that.

jd4444, 21/January/2018

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