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Pyotr Tomek Gets Cum Up His Arse In A Flip-Flopping Frenzy! (Twink Hotel Scene #4) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 70)
Added: 30/March/2015
Duration: 27 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


You can say what you like about the guy, but one thing that can’t be levelled against your Erik Franke is procrastination! Why, no sooner has he encountered Pyotr Tomek loitering in a corridor than he’s inviting him back to his room to get to know the lad better – which (of course!) immediately involves stripping off each other’s clothes and sucking on each other’s dicks. Then again, if you met Tomek hanging around, looking lost and forlorn, wouldn’t you do exactly the same?

Suffice it to say that both lads proceed to slurp away on cock like it’s their sole ambition in life, eventually positioning themselves top-and-tail so that they suck, rim and finger simultaneously! Indeed, this air of egalitarianism continues when the time comes to consummate their new-found affections. First Franke takes a ride, cowboy-style, on his dark-haired buddy’s handsome shaft; then Tomek gets shafted from behind, taking every raw inch of Franke’s thick, meaty shaft in the process.

It’s no fucking wonder that both boys have smiles on their faces that stretch from ear to ear; and we’ve absolutely no doubt that you guys are gonna get off big time in the process. But the highlight of the action comes in the final few moments when Tomek fires off a fantastic volley of jizz all over himself, whilst being buggered; before Franke returns fire all over his buddy’s ass, then pushes his joystick deep inside as if to cement the deal. In short, a stupendous finale that we’re sure you can watch time and time again!

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Hot boys & hot scene, but would've been way hotter if one of the boys took a load in the mouth & sucked the cock dry!

mwhisky, 30/March/2015

Photo has a really hot ass and legs which fill his jeans perfectly.

Jasyn19, 30/March/2015

Erik just keeps getting better with each scene he's in. He's one of my favorite new models and I'd love to see him with two hot Brits Aaron Aurora and Leo Ocean...

Jaxon, 30/March/2015

Pyotr has the most beautiful thighs & I agree with Jason Erik is my Favorite! Very much look forward to April 's schedule.

Neville, 30/March/2015 can feel harmony and passion..Pyotr is a new born staxus star!

Chris, 30/March/2015

Je viens d'octroyer la note de 5/5/ à cette vidéo très chaude et excellente. Erik est aussi mon modèle préféré. Il est le minet le plus mignon du porno gay à l'heure actuelle et tous sites confondus. Quant à Pyotr, il est très sexy et constitue un nouvel atout formidable pour le site. En ce mois de mars qui s'achève, STAXUS a consolidé sa première place au sommet de la hiérarchie du porno gay sur "internet". Bravo à tous.

Pascaloux, 30/March/2015

I am on record that I hate Flip Flops, and as much as I love Erik I won't waste my time watching the clip. I want to see him pounded by strong tops not playing games with another twink. Sorry that's my opinion.

bobby, 31/March/2015

LOL. My comment above referring to "Photo" was my iPad's predictive-text answer to "Pyotr".

Jasyn19, 31/March/2015

Pyotr is indeed a promising newcomer on Staxus, while Erik is one of the few who, to me, actually comes across convincingly in both top and bottom roles. And staying hard when bottoming is always a great indicator for real passion (or alprostadil ;-) Erik's just sooo cute and sexy... gorgeous face and hot body. Great scene! :-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 31/March/2015

Erik is one of my favourites too and Pyotr is definitely one to watch. There seem to be a lot of fantastic models on Staxus at the moment and they are all getting a turn in front of the camera which is giving us a nice variety.

Funtime, 31/March/2015

Pyotr has everything to shine on porn... Give him time and for sure he will achieve what all of us are waiting from him. Regarding Erick, this boy is ready for being a bottom and a top as well.. but i can also agree with Bobby : I guess I would enjoy to see him being topped by a real hung boy ;).. Maybe this can be a challenge for Erick... Or Erick is only qualified for twinks or for "gentle" guys ? ;) . About the scene, it's always nice to see a flip-flop !

Vaclav, 01/April/2015

lovely boys ! lovely film ! i'm happy ! thank you staxus !

bdem16, 02/April/2015

I love, love, love Pyotr - a cute face, great legs, and just a hot guy in general. I'm very glad to see he has several scenes on the April schedule!

Mike, 08/April/2015

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