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Horned-Up Yuri Adamov Takes On An Interracial Double-Dicking! (Black Piste Scene #4) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 84)
Added: 05/April/2015
Duration: 27 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


Who hasn’t enjoyed a playful session of arm-wrestling with their friends? What you might not have experienced, however, is the manner of “celebration” that marks Hector Agusti’s victory. Then again, unlike this black sex-god, you might not have had the company of two very eager white-boys in the form of Erik Franke and Yuri Adamov to celebrate with! Suffice it to say that Agusti’s thick, uncut black mamba doesn’t stay concealed in his pants for long – the two cute twinks are down on their knees and giving it some clearly much-needed oral appreciation in no time at all!

It’s a move that can only have one effect on a guy like Agusti, of course. Before you know it this handsome stud is turning his eye to giving Adamov’s rump a full examination – at which point you pretty much know which way the action is going to go! Indeed, the second half of the scene is very much centred on Adamov’s ever-eager butt-hole – first Franke giving it a good old-fashioned screwing, then Agusti stretching the said pucker to the max by means of that oversized ramrod of his! You’d be forgiven for thinking at this point, of course, that that would be more than enough dick for any young white lad to handle – but you’d be wrong! Never one to hold back from a challenge, Adamov proceeds to take both dicks at once – even allowing his two tops to swop positions mid-point to maximise the effect. Little wonder he squeals with a mix of agony and delight in the process; before both Agusti and Franke jizz all over his ass, leaving him to call it a wrap by jerking his load over Franke’s face!

Member comments: add comment

This was really super erotic anc nice, very nice interaction between the boys and very nice to see some IR action again. A+ for their performance to Erik, Juri and Hector!

biggerthebetter, 05/April/2015

j adore yuri est toujours aussi agréable a regarder pour notre plaisir

toinou, 05/April/2015

Yuri is and stays the best "staxus" bottom forever..wonderful how hungry his hole is everytime for catching even the biggest dicks..he isn`t afraid of riding such an explosive black dick..nice to watch!

Chris, 05/April/2015

A classical performance and Erik & Yuri are in a class of their own. Looking forward to the April. 8th. Hector must have thought he had arrived in Heaven !

neville, 05/April/2015

I have a collection of over 7000, more than I can ever watch, but this is hands down, the best. Yuri has no equal, as Hector can attest. Staxus, rules!

Estevan, 05/April/2015

The saying "The stuff dreams are made of" pretty much sums this up. I was always going to love it as it had both Yuri and Erik in it but even I couldn't have imagined that it would be this good. This has more than wetted my appetite, cannot wait for 8th April. And Hector, what can I say but you are one lucky man to have had the privilege of these two together.

Funtime, 05/April/2015

Hector is not bad, but there are hotter black guys around. And I think we need even bigger cocks especially for Noah who seems to be really hungry to get his ass stuffed by big things even hungrier than Yuri is. Really liked the scene!

secondsky, 05/April/2015

Dans ce nouveau clip exceptionnel, Hector a fait des débuts très prometteurs et constitue une formidable recrue pour de futures scènes interraciales. Hector a été particulièrement gâté en recevant comme partenaires deux des plus magnifiques minets du porno gay. Erik est un petit ange tombé du ciel et Yuri a été( comme à son habitude) époustouflant. Désormais dans l'industrie il y a STAXUS et très loin derrière tous les autres. Bravo à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 05/April/2015

I'm puzzled, Yuri we are told, speaks Russian and Czech, but the small tasteful script on his torso is in Spanish? I'm wondering if his true origin may be Mexico. A bit of marketing, perhaps from Staxus? I can only make out a few of the words, can anyone get the whole string?

Esteven, 05/April/2015

My WET DREAM! And clearly the highlight of the recent weeks at :-))) Congratulations to all three models and the whole team!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/April/2015

@Esteven: I think Yuri's tattoo says something like "Todo el mundo eres nadie, pero para mí eres todo el mundo" ("the whole world means nothing, but to me you mean the world"). Even though the first half should actually read "Todo el mundo es nadie" correctly, if I still remember my tiny little bit of Spanish - native speakers, please help ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/April/2015

The tattoo reads: "Para el mundo eres nadie, pero para mi eres todo el mundo". I believe it means: "To the world you are nothing, but to me you are the world". Btw: Yuri's nationality is Russian :)

Staxus - Dennis, 06/April/2015

@Dennis : you're right about Yuri's tattoo. I'm not spanish, but I know what it means ;) . Regarding the scene, all I can say is that Yuri doesn't surprise me. But I say this in a VERY VERY VERY positive way, of course ! Yuri is an oustanding porn model : cute, nice body, a kind guy and always hungry for good and, this time, extic sex ;) . There is something I really enjoyed on this scene. I really enjoyed !!! When Hector was pounding Yuri on doggy style and pounded him hard deep inside and stayed there with his cock and kissed him at the same time... Loved the way they did it !!!

Vaclav, 06/April/2015

I know I will be shouted down but this vid was a waste. Turing Erik into a top is beyond words for me. I don't need another vid of Yuri being fucked the archive is full of them. Erik on the other hand needs more bottom work.

bobby, 08/April/2015

Another excellent scene, I agree with Vaclav, Yuri and Hector french kissing while Erik and Hector were in him is one of the hottest parts ever.

Staxusfan, 14/April/2015

This is hot 5 stars.I just love DP and this was very good.The bonus for me was that you ciuld hear the guys talking whilst the action was happening.I just love this but it rarely happend on Staxus

simonxxx, 17/April/2015

The rimming that Erik performs on Hector while the later is fucking makes this one of the top five scenes on Staxus. And Yuri is a good sport for taking both members without weeping.

Thunderball, 31/October/2017

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