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Bonus Content: Saggerz Skaterz - Super Soakers Scene #2 HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 38)




Added: 07/April/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


No one does pissing and bareback fucking like uncut cum squirting boys Zack and Tyler! These boys were made for each other, splashing their hot piss all over their naked bodies, Zack tasting as much as he can get, then fucking Tyler bareback in full view of passers by - until they closed the curtains! The bathtub is the best place for such a drenching finish though.

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@staxus:A pissing clip like this I had really missed till now in Staxus studio itself! Nice to see one from your partner. As a proposal an animation..please produce pissing clips with some of your horny staxus models like Yuri and new ones..would really be nice to watch in the future:-)

Chris, 07/April/2015

Hi Chris! We had a pissing video with Yuri Adamov just recently on the 4th of March. We will have more in the future for sure!

Staxus - Andy, 07/April/2015

Brilliant ! This is the best pissing scene I have watched! Please Staxus you can surely do an even better show with your models ? :-) xxxxx

Neville, 07/April/2015

I don't like to be negative, it's a lovely thought to give us extras, but the extra scenes have not been rather good (the overall ratings hasn't been especially good either) Like this bonus scene that did displace the normal new staxus scene every 2 days and some of the non staxus made scenes that are to come this month. Staxus' own scenes and the look of staxus' own models are way superior to this.

biggerthebetter, 07/April/2015

Cette scène ne peut plaire qu'aux amateurs d'inondations à l'urine dont je ne fais pas partie. Cependant, il en faut aussi pour les goûts de tout le monde. Depuis plusieurs mois, HELIXSTUDIOS diffuse au moins une fois par semaine des clips réalisés par STAXUS. Pour quelles raisons ne proposez-vous pas en contrepartie des clips provenant de HELIXSTUDIOS. Lesquels sont bien meilleurs que celui-ci mais sans atteindre toutefois le niveau de perfection des vidéos de STAXUS.

Pascaloux, 07/April/2015

Staxus, Zack Randall was a very hot twink bottom, please try to get more of his early work, and not just his piss vids.

bobby, 08/April/2015

In my opinion, Zack Randall is still very hot! I liked his early work as a twink, but I also think he has matured very nicely and is great to watch. I'm not normally that into Piss videos, but this one I like

Maike, 10/April/2015

I loved this as we don't get many pissing scenes

Simonxxx, 20/April/2015

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