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Big Dicked Three-Way Pile Up Gives Noah Matous A Cummy Arse! (Black Piste Scene #2) HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 96)
Added: 12/April/2015
Duration: 29 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


There may be snow on the ground outside, but inside the bar it’s nice and warm – and getting hotter by the minute given that Shane Hirch is serving drinks and Noah Matous and Victor Diamond are his customers. In fact, this is definitely one watering-hole that pretty much all of us would love to frequent on a regular basis, especially when the lads begin to get down to business and start feasting on all the hard, uncut cock that’s on offer. Little wonder that young Matous – who’s always been a real sucker for dick! – is like a kid in a sweet-shop when presented with his buddies’ big fat shafts to gorge on; though that’s not to say that either Hirch or Diamond appear in any way less animated by the thick, juicy, uncut offerings.

Nevertheless, it’s Matous who’s arguably the centrepiece of proceedings here – a position he only consolidates once his two mates have turned their eye to his ever-hungry little pucker. Indeed, having rimmed the hole in preparation, Hirch is soon pounding away for all that he’s worth – a performance that is quickly mirrored by Diamond, who thrusts that monster Italian salami right up to the balls without so much as a care or leave! Indeed, it’s perhaps seeing Matous skewered cowboy-style on Diamond’s love-pole that inspires Hirch to indulge his own ass, plonking himself down on the cute twink’s todger to instigate a three-way pile-up! As a result, Diamond’s fucking Matous who’s fucking Hirch; and it’s only natural that the whole trio are soon on the brink, with Diamond and Hirch creaming their pal’s ass before Matous jerks off!

Member comments: add comment

I,m enjoying Noah Matous in all the scenes he,s done. Hope to see more.

patmiky, 12/April/2015

Guys of you liked this scene, wait for the one with Noah and Hector Agusti which is scheduled for 26. April. I was blown away by what I saw there. So if this scene is a 4.5 for me, the other one is a 6!! Hope to see Noah being paired with more dominant tops just like Hector and one day maybe even in a gangbang (Staxus could split that in two scenes to reduce the costs but get us all the great experience of seeing Noah being stuffed by at least 6 guys in a row).

secondsky, 12/April/2015

Oh and yeah I know we don't have 6 stars here, but I would give it 6 if possible ;-) So hope Noah stays exclusive for some time, at least 6 months.

secondsky, 12/April/2015

I really want to see Noah get gang fucked,i'm sure he could do it and probably enjoy it.

Dee Pee Zee, 12/April/2015

This is a real lovely clip. As a big fan of Shane Hirch I adore him again and again... Wonderful to see him at the beginning of the clip in his muscular shirt-what a wonderful trained body he has..not to talk about his dick at least in this vid Victor showed emotions and he seemed to like the 2 other boys; not to compare with his last passionless actions..Noah is like an angel, a dreamboy as written and painted in a fairytale! 5 stars

Chris, 12/April/2015

Very enjoyable yet again. I would have loved Noah to cum on his own face at 27:19 but it wasn't to be. Like some of the other members, I would love to see Noah in a gangbang scene where he is banged by at least 4 guys, one after the other. A lot of 'gangbang' scenes nowadays seem to actually be group sex scenes or where 2 or more guys get banged so it would be nice to see a scene where 1 guy just gets fucked senseless.

Funtime, 12/April/2015

Definitely a very hot video. All three of these boys are totally gorgeous and make a great scene together. I echo the desire to see Noah being ganged up on too, and I think he would enjoy that as much as we all would! ;)

Tommy, 12/April/2015

This is becoming my favorite restaurant, especially when Noah is the daily special... ❤dr

dr24, 12/April/2015

La seule présence dans un clip de l'un de vos petits anges pervers(ici NOAH) suffit à rendre une scène exceptionnelle. Je suis ravi que le très séduisant Shane HIRCH soit devenu un modèle exclusif. La bonne surprise de ce clip vient aussi de Victor qui semble s'être nettement amélioré au point de me faire regretter les critiques sévères que j'avais faites à son endroit lors de sa scène précédente. Toutefois, le pivot de cette excellente réalisation est indiscutablement le petit coquin de NOAH. Certains membres ont suggéré l'excellente idée de voir NOAH entrepris par vos meilleurs baiseurs dans une scène de gang bang. A titre personnel, j'apprécierai encore plus une scène d'orgie qui réunirait vos cinq minets les plus sexy et qui sont : Erik, Noah, Richie HAJEK, Yuri et Sven LAARSON. STAXUS, John SMITH et toute son équipe doivent encore être félicités ce jour pour l'excellence de leur travail.

Pascaloux, 12/April/2015

Yeah... me too, I support the proposal of organizing a gang bang scene with Noah as the hungry bottom... the next guy using the cum of the previous as lube for fucking is always such a hot sight... :-) This one here is clearly a new favorite for me, and 5/5 stars.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/April/2015

Seeing Noah get gang banged would be my favourite scene of all time for sure, haha.

Fondja, 12/April/2015

Noah is an amazing model ! He does everything. He can do everything. And he does it with lots of sensuality and he never hides his hard on. No doubt about his skills... This is a 3some, but Noah is the centre of all attentions. Noah gives "colour" and excitement. For others, it's a bit difficult. And sorry, guys, but Victor, in my opinion, doesnt show empathy.

Vaclav, 13/April/2015

Martha Plimpton... that's who Noah reminds me of. I've been trying to figure it out since he started.

Jay, 16/April/2015

@Jay Get some glasses or better consult the nearest ophthalmologist if you see the slightest match between Noah and that woman.

secondsky, 26/April/2015

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