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Bonus Content: Barebacking Little Demons Scene #2 HD

3.5/5 (Total votes: 26)




Added: 14/April/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


Dustin Revees and Vince Faulkner are sitting on the bed and the boys look sweet and sexy together as they share that long lollipop. It's a little like a cock and that inspires them to whip out their surprisingly big dicks and get to sucking. The oral is a tantalizing thing to watch and the mouths work those schlongs with passion. Dustin ends up rimming Vince with great passion and his tongue does plenty of work to ensure that his cock will enter with ease. The doggy style thrusting is proof that it worked and it includes a bit of hair pulling.

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I know this vid isn't going to be well received. The boys are just not that hot.

bobby, 14/April/2015

I wish these bonus scenes weren't from so long ago, it's not that enjoyable seeing what these guys looked like 4/5 years ago and what they were doing then.

Funtime, 14/April/2015

The video has been produced years ago I figure cause can remember that I saw it when I used to be a "gaylife network" member years ago for a short time...for me it is not bad.. a little more than average..Dustin reeves is cute the other boy not that pretty as he is..can somebody answer me I question I can`t understand and don`t know the sense of...why does in almost every clip of "gaylife network" the passive guy while beeing fucked suck on a lolly?...

Chris, 14/April/2015

@Chris - I can answer that. They had a site in their network called Lollipop Twinks, they made a lot of videos of boys with candy and lollipops.

Tommy, 14/April/2015

@Tommy-staxus...ah,okay,this I didn`t know with the candy and lollipop scene, thank you for your a proposol though its not my absolute favorite..why don`t you produce similiar scenes with candy or chocolate with e.g. hot models like Jace Reed and Milan Sharp who absolutely fit together for hard and horny gaysex as we saw in clip of the 28. of march.Your quality and perfection is not to compare with much lower quality standard as "gaylife network".....The category could be called: food sex or something with the word "candy" inside..:-)

Chris, 14/April/2015

Oh god what's with all these bonus clips they are shite. Is Staxus running out of it's own ideas. You are in danger of losing a customer as there are other more interesting sites about and I am allergic to wasting my money on crap like this.

Toss7228er, 14/April/2015

Hi we thought some free scenes would be nice. these scenes cost us nothing and they cost you nothing. but its creating too much confusion so we are going to remove them and stop with them. from now on only staxus scenes on staxus site. we thought it was nice to give you something free on top - but apparently people dont see it that way. so i have asked andrei to remove them all.

steve, 15/April/2015

J' ai trouvé cette scène bonus très sympathique et loin d'être mauvaise notamment au niveau des modèles qui sont adorables. Le commentaire précédent assez grossier n'est pas justifié. A titre personnel, je ne gaspille pas mon argent chez STAXUS. J'ai payé la faible somme de 198.00€ (soit une demi-journée de travail ) pour être abonné chez vous pendant deux ans. Je peux vous dire que ce prix très modique est un véritable cadeau que STAXUS m'a octroyé eu égard à la qualité exceptionnelle de vos clips.

Pascaloux, 15/April/2015

Staxus, plese don't remove the bonus clips. They are not as good as your own material, but some of them are still pretty hot, and if they don't cost us any more, I would rather not see them go. I think some people just like to complain.

Maike, 16/April/2015

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