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Arthur Kral Quits His Kit To Give His Soccer-Mad Pal A Hard Fuck! (Raw Score Scene #2) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 70)
Added: 15/April/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


What is it about a man in a football strip that makes him so utterly irresistible? We’re not exactly sure, but there’s no denying the fact that STAXUS exclusive, Arthur Kral, is even more gorgeous than ever when dolled up in his kit – a fact that clearly doesn’t escape young Ian Ross when he walks into the locker room. As a result, it barely takes more than a few moments before the two lads are lip-to-lip in an energetic smooch, signalling the start of a terrific duo that we just know you’re gonna love!

Ross for his part can’t wait to get his own hungry mouth around his buddy’s ramrod, promptly falling to his knees and feasting on the handsome shaft; before both fellows engage in a lively 69-session down on the floor. It’s the prelude to what soon turns into an investigative exploration on Ross’ ass-hole by Kral, who gives the tight little pucker a real good rimming in anticipation of the inevitable hard, raw pounding to come. But before that magic moment there’s just a little time to engage in a little tomfoolery in the form of some kinky sock-play, using a football sock almost like a condom on Kral’s meaty, uncut shaft.

It all serves as a pleasant distraction before the hardcore action that follows – Ross riding his buddy’s shaft cowboy-style, prior to Kral banging the lad from behind! The sight of these two blond boys mating away like a couple of over-seasoned stags will surely get you off in no time; as will seeing Kral quite literally spray-blasting his pal’s face with jizz for the money-shot. In short, a definite must-see for anyone with a fetish for soccer-players!

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Good example of a raw vid, very good.

bobby, 15/April/2015

Arthur Kral - the king...can affirm to it..I am into soccer clips..both guys do their "jobs" very well..Ian has a dainty asshole so Arthur can`t resist eating it..who wonders:-) Also nice to watch the blue soccer socks imposed on the hard dick of Arthur..yummy...Great, really great...

Chris, 15/April/2015

Une très grande scène qui une fois de plus a été excellemment réalisée. Le très séduisant et charismatique Arthur est l'un de vos meilleurs modèles comme actif et j'aime beaucoup Ian qui a été très bon pour son premier clip. La qualité incomparable de vos productions doit encore être saluée ce jour par un tonnerre d'applaudissements.

Pascaloux, 15/April/2015

Good fuck. Liked the hot rimming part ! Sporty toned Arthur really dominates his new friend and does him the classical way with lots of energy. Repeating myself : any chance in the future we may see again King Arthur playing a passive role in another clip ? mmmm : wld be so hot and surely appreciated by many.

Christian, 15/April/2015

I loveKking Arthur and his magnificent cock. Handsome, sexy ... a treasure!!!

dennis, 15/April/2015

Always good to see Arthur, this time paired up with an almost equally hot twink.! Great models , great scene. Thanks !!

patmiky, 16/April/2015

Arthur is a dream boy for many including me, with his cute face, hot body and joyous cock. He does more than just put a smile on my face!! If the barcode on Ian's wrist was real then I would put him in my shopping trolley too!!

Funtime, 16/April/2015

Blank / empty / no news / nothing at all on Ian's data sheet is really not much !! Why that ?

Christian, 16/April/2015

Arthur Kral is really a nice model. He's gorgeous and i enjoy his body shape and movements. There's however something he needs to change : he's still a bit shy on the set. But great about the rest ! I remember seeing him bottoming for Harry for example (another nice performance) and , here, with newbie Ian...another nice moment. He took good care of Ian. And Ian is a big and good surprise. A guy that I want to see more on Staxus. Yes, I do !! He was a great bottom here.

Vaclav, 17/April/2015

Nice looking guys especially Arthur who to my liking is 10/10 =) not a bad scene but not "magic" and that memorable either. Like Christian I think it would be fantastic to see Arthur bottom again, preferable for Hector Augusti =D

biggerthebetter, 17/April/2015

Nice lads dealing with the balls that matter.Enjoyed lots

Simonxxx, 20/April/2015

Pretty awesome video. Ian has a really tasty looking hole and Harry goes for it. He's great as a top. I wonder if he might ever bottom as he has a cute body and it would be special to have a look at his hole.

Ryan, 14/February/2016

Yes, Ian looks good and Arthur Kral looks really great with a nice ass for rimming and fucking too!

Josh, 17/July/2016

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