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Bonus Content: Taking It Bare (Gay Life Network) Scene #5 HD

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Skyelr Bleu & Kalob Bridge

Added: 16/April/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


Skyelr Bleu is a teacher's assistant and he's trying to teach young Kalob Bridge grammar. The young man is giving him a whole lot of attitude though and he has to figure out a way to break through. That's when the idea of a good fuck comes upon him. Why not just pound the shit out of the cutie's asshole and give him such immense pleasure that he can't help but listen. Taking it in the can will drive him wild with desire! Kalob gets a blowjob from the TA and then Skyelr bends him over the desk and slips his cock in the tight hole.

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@staxus: Please do not remove the bonus content...Indeed the vids don`t reach your quality but it is not that evil as some members complained about before.. Some people always need to find something to call attention. As the bonus scenes are free of charge who matters for both U and our members...don`t chafe at it...

Chris, 16/April/2015

STAXUS : je partage entièrement l'avis de Chris. Il convient de maintenir ces scènes bonus même si elles sont très éloignées de la qualité exceptionnelle de vos propres réalisations. Il faut bien savoir qu'il est impossible de plaire à tout le monde et certains n'ont manifestement pas compris que ces scènes bonus sont un extra qui est offert à votre clientèle et gratuitement.

Pascaloux, 16/April/2015

Hi guys! We haven't removed them, we just only display them in the "Extras" category you can find in the navbar. This way they don't show up in the main page listing and people that want them can simply go to Extras and the others can simply ignore them. This is the best compromise we could think of!

Staxus - Andy, 17/April/2015

Staxus / Andy - thank you, that seems like a very reasonable thing to do! There is no need to remove the bonus videos because they do no harm, and some of us like them. But this way nobody will confuse the bonus material with your own videos.

Maike, 20/April/2015

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