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Cute Yuri Gets His Arse Banged & Creamed, Then Takes The Piss! (Twinks In Heat Scene #3) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 97)
Added: 17/April/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 39 seconds
Comments: 25


If cheeky-chappy Pyotr Tomek was hoping for a quiet time in the sauna then his dreams are very firmly shattered the moment that Yuri Adamov sits down next to him! After all, we all know what Adamov is like when he thinks he has the chance of enjoying some hard, uncut cock; and the sight of Tomek in nothing more than a towel, his naked, tanned skin sweating in the heat, is enough to get the young, eager bottom into quite a heated frenzy! Fortunately for all concerned, there’s a pool nearby to enable both lads to let off a little steam; but it’s only the briefest of respites, and before you know it they’ve headed off to make the most of a nearby sofa in order to give each other deep, sensuous blow-jobs.

Of course, just watching these two beauties as they 69 each other could get most fans creaming off right there and then; but proceedings only intensify still further when Adamov finally succumbs to all temptation and plonks his arse down on Tomek’s thick, rigid love-stick! Needless to say, this cute little slut is soon riding away like a consummate professional, his own dick standing proud as he does so; but, after unsaddling to give his buddy another good sucking, his performance becomes a lot more guttural when Tomek begins to pound him from behind.

What’s more, the volume increases still further when he’s banged from above – his arse stuck up in the air, enabling him to jizz into his own face whilst Tomek first whitewashes his hole and then sticks his sticky, gooey cock deep inside! The sight of Adamov being pissed on at the end simply serves as the cherry on the cake in a scene that’s pretty much a born classic!

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Pyotr Tomek ist ein traumboy.

leuchte, 17/April/2015

Aber echt wahr! Seit seiner ersten Szene bin ich ein großer Fan von Pyotr. Einfach eine Sahneschnitte! Hoffentlich findet Staxus auch in Zukunft solche Burschen!

Andi, 17/April/2015

Yuri-the best passive guy in staxus always very horny..Piotr is a dreamboy as posted before..dream couple indeed, and at the end the pissing scene is wonderful..more of it please

Chris, 17/April/2015

The pissing element has never appealed to me and most likely never will but the rest of this scene was phenomenal. I love Yuri and Pyotr is easy on the eye too. The only way it could have been better was if Yuri had came directly into his own mouth. 5/5.

Funtime, 17/April/2015

Excepté la séquence de pisse qui n'est et sera jamais ma tasse de thé mais il faut bien contenter tout le monde, cette scène est pour le reste fantastique. Pyotr a été formidable et Yuri est non seulement un adorable petit minet mais il est indiscutablement votre meilleur modèle par sa motivation sans faille dans tous les clips auxquels il a participé. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 17/April/2015

I didn't think you could do it but you have over exposed Yuri. But I have to say you saved it by getting him pissed on. Now next time Yuri open your mouth wide it won't kill you it rises right out and will splash all over your hot boy tit and it would end the scene perfectly.

bobby, 17/April/2015

Another Staxus Classic ! Loved the start and the ending and all the action in the middle ! These Boys are just amazing ! Thank you Staxus :-) xxxxx

Neville, 18/April/2015

I dont need to say anything about Yuri. Sorry about it, Yuri ;) . You're magnificent ! You know you dont need more words. Be sure that I will never be tired of watching you ! And Piotr is growing up. That's so nice to see him performing so well as he did here with the amazing Yuri.

Vaclav, 19/April/2015

What a beautiful film finished off by piss.More please

Simonxxx, 23/April/2015

Great mutual piss scene, totally loved it!!! give us more of the same please!

JulienXXX, 28/April/2015

Love to see a boy being buggered. This is really nice.

Simon, 08/May/2015

How wonderful

ibrahim, 09/May/2015

Now pretty Pyotr's turn to get gang banged, bukkakeed and piss in and on

jazzi, 22/May/2015

Love the scene, hate the pissing.

james, 19/September/2015

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