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Keepie-Uppie Fun Becomes A Raw Soccer Fuck For Two Cuties! (Raw Score Scene #3) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 76)
Added: 22/April/2015
Duration: 19 minutes
Comments: 25


Hey guys! Not only is Pyotr Tomek as cute as fuck, he’s also quite good at keepie-uppie – a fact that he’s evidently keen to demonstrate to his buddy, Carl Ross. In fairness, the young blond boy seems suitably impressed; but it’s clear from the off that Ross’ real interest in Tomek centres upon balls of a different nature, and it’s no time at all before he’s tempted the dark-haired beauty into bed and out of his kit. It’s at that point, of course, that all the focus of these two sweet-faced angels quickly switches from the beautiful game to the beautiful physiques of those who play it; with Tomek burying his head down into his pal’s crotch to enjoy the thick, meaty delights to be found there.

A move that Ross himself is soon keen to emulate, as he strips his buddy out of his jockstrap and feasts on the handsome ramrod within. No doubt about it, both these boys are meat-eaters in the extreme – a fact that’s soon underlined when they engage in a passionate session of 69-ing, before Tomek takes time out to give Ross’ pert little ass a good old rimming for good measure. It’s a move that sets the scene for the vignette’s final stages, as the dark-haired cherub finally does what he’s probably been longing to do right from the start and buries his knob deep into blondie’s fuck-hole! Cue a fantastic, ball-bustin’ session of twink-on-twink action that’ll have you tugging on your own shaft for dear life; culminating in Ross quite literally having the spunk banged out of him, before Tomek sprays his juicy wad all over his pal’s rump, then pushes his spent cock back in Ross’ ass!

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Looks great - I really like Pic 17 of the still shots - hell it's hot.

Jasyn19, 22/April/2015

Love it - more pls with sports kits and with socks left on - great turn on

JJay, 22/April/2015

Fine,really sex scenes in sports dress..especially soccer.. Carls asshole is wonderful..guess its really tasty,would like to hide my tongue inside him...5 points!

Chris, 22/April/2015

Another straight 5* ! :-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 22/April/2015

Carl looks a lot better in this scene in comparison previous scenes that he has been in and Pyotr is always a delight to watch. With this pairing you would expect Carl to be the top but it was good to see Pyotr as the top with a bigger guy.

Funtime, 22/April/2015

Both these boys are so gorgeous, and Carl especially gets my dick throbbing! :) Excellent video.

Tommy, 22/April/2015

Une nouvelle scène excellente qui mérite 5/5. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 22/April/2015

just excellent! thanks

marko, 22/April/2015

definitivly one of your best video ever made......!!!!

philippe, 23/April/2015

Piotr is a fantastic lad : great fice and toned body, + he can really do anything in sex and is always eager to do it , active or passive role and with good sexy cum play in ass at the end.

Christian, 23/April/2015

The sports kit left on is such a turn on you would be surprised how FEW studios still get Sportslads RIGHT! A hard pounding of Carl Ross!

DeWayne in SD, 25/April/2015

gorgeous Sodomy between the Boys. Pyotr have a wonderful Ass, so hairy, right for the Worship,

Paolo Monaco, 09/November/2017

but Spirituality is stronger.

Paolo Monaco, 09/November/2017

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