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Hot-House Deep Throat Suck Leads To Torrid Cum-&-Piss Finale! (Twinks In Heat Scene #4) HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 74)
Added: 24/April/2015
Duration: 29 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


Is Sam Williams being deliberately provocative when he visits Lukas Leung’s sauna? Certainly he seems to go out of his way to openly flaunt his assets as he flits between the toilet and the hot-room – a fact that Leung cannot possibly fail to notice given that at one point Williams runs past the fellow with his meaty, uncut cock displayed over the top of his towel! It’s enough to get even a devout celibate in the mood for action – and, as we all know by now, Leung ain’t no fucking celibate! Indeed, he’s soon marching in on Williams and getting down on his knees to feast on the fellow’s ramrod – a move that doesn’t seem to bother Williams in the slightest.

Then again, with the prospect of getting his equipment serviced by this over-experienced cock-whore, why would it? Mind, Leung isn’t the only fellow here with a hyper-keen taste for dick given the manner with which Williams proceeds to deep-throat his buddy – literally bringing tears to his eyes – whilst Leung underlines his credentials as a total slut by replicating the show and taking his mate’s cock right down to the root! It’s a truly terrific act from both buddies; and the performance notches up a further gear when Leung eventually succumbs to temptation and allows Williams to thrust his dick up his ass.

It’s a move that excites the horny bottom big time – at least if the gloop of pre-cum that drips from his jap-eye is anything to go by! – and his enjoyment only increases when he then rides Williams cowboy-style, creaming his wad as a result. But it’s the finale cum-and-piss-facial that arguably makes this a classic!

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Great to see Lukas back in action.! Sam looks & performs as well ever. Well done to all.!!

patmiky, 24/April/2015

Wonderful to see Lukas after almost 3!!! years abcense..couldn`t believe my eyes at first..he is wonderful and extremely sexy..hopefully there are more vids with him beeing produced! Staxus gave us a second eastern:-)

Chris, 24/April/2015

An awesome combination with Sam Williams and Lukas Leung! In fact, Lukas is looking better than ever and it's nice to see he still has it in front of the camera. Great Job Staxus!!!! Once again, the some of the best productions have been saved for the end of the month.

77hardlyany52, 24/April/2015

How spooky. Only yesterday I was going through some old pix I found on a flash drive and came upon one of Lukas and thought it was so long since I had seen anything of him. Welcome back Lukas.

Toss7228er, 24/April/2015

@staxus: Just wanted to know..did I watch it correct that Lukas jerked off twice in the vid? For me it seems as if his dick is directly wet when Troy just begins punching his hole?..and there`s directly precum at Lukas dick?..wonderful! For me it is really the best quality and horniest video for weeks or even month now, including the pissing act at the end!

Chris, 24/April/2015

Good to see again Lukas, that we thought retired !, he is always nice, gentle and horny at the same time. His pairing with Sam Williams works perfectly well, as Sam, for me is probably one of your BEST models in store with Arthur Kral ! Thanks.

Christian, 24/April/2015

Cette scène est excellente et je me réjouis également du retour de Lukas. Ceci étant dit, je viens de voir sur le forum une partie du programme du mois de mai et je suis peu enthousiaste. En effet, jumeler vos minets avec des modèles plus âgés me laisse particulièrement sceptique. Helixstudios ont tenté deux fois l'expérience et le résultat sur la moyenne des notes a été désastreux. S'il n'y avait dans le porno gay des acteurs comme Alejandro ALVAREZ et Xavi DURAN, je n'en visionnerai jamais. Ce type de modèles ne sont pas(en ce qui me concerne) des stars dans l'industrie. Ils n'arrivent pas à la cheville de Yuri et même au petit orteil de Kevin WARHOL. Cet avis n'engage que mois mais je sais d'avance que je ne téléchargerai pas ces clips.

Pascaloux, 24/April/2015

Sam Williams and his hairy tummy is heavenly. The precum dripping off Lukas is so sexy. This was a fuck scene of great quality. I loved it. Thanks guys.

Jasyn19, 24/April/2015

Truly a Classic and I loved it including the wonderful finale & the beautiful Boys who were having a a passionate sexual relationship, very horny!

Neville, 24/April/2015

There was a lot of things that I liked about this scene, I adore Sam (and everything about him), the setting of the scene was very hot, the intensity and passion was really nice. It was very hot seeing all of Lukas' precum pouring it. I don't care so much about the chronological age of the models, Lukas is attractive but he doesn't have that "young and fresh" look that pretty much all of staxus' models usually have.

biggerthebetter, 25/April/2015

I wasn't worried by the ages of Sam and Lukas. I was, however, really surprised after watching the movie to see Lukas appearing to be a lot older in the still photos than he appears in the movie. But that was simply unimportant as he clearly loved every centimetre of the awesome Sam Williams' cock as it was thrust into him. Hell, he's got an awesome butt - on display as he made his way into the toilet at the beginning of the movie. He's got SUCH a cute face. Whew! Oh that I could be a flea in all that tummy hair and live there for ever. :P

Jasyn19, 25/April/2015

Very hot scene indeed, don't find Lukas too old at all, even less so since he's completely smooth - and Sam with his truly masculine and virile looks is one of my personal Staxus highlights. Both together really show joy and passion. Like for other commentators, the most spectacular point for me is also shortly after Sam penetrates Lukas, where I wasn't sure initially whether it was a huge amount of pre-cum, or in fact a full-blown anal/prostate orgasm that Lukas blew out. Just great! For my part, I could well have done without the pissing scene, but then I know there are fans, and given it was at the end, not really disturbing me too much. Great piece of works! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 25/April/2015

This one wasn't for me but I'm glad others enjoyed it

Funtime, 25/April/2015

I loved the vid but it makes me ask if you can bring Lukas back maybe you can a few more. I would love to see Tim walker for one and a few other of the hot one or two and dones from a year or so ago like Ariel Varga and Matt Johnson just to name two more.

bobby, 25/April/2015

@bobby, I'm sure that I read a while ago that Ariel is going to be doing a scene soon, not sure what the situation is with Matt but Tim no longer works in the industry(to my knowledge).

Funtime, 26/April/2015

Im so surprised to see Lukas again on Staxus. But positively surprised, because, in my opinion, who is Great on sex is very welcome. Lukas and Sam, gosh, they made it so nice. So nice !!! When I saw Lukas, i started to remember some old days on Staxus. The early days of Lukas here... This scene reminds me of those days. Days of great and hot and amazing sex like i see here with Sam and Lukas. Great, guys !

Vaclav, 26/April/2015

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