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Noah Matous’s Hungry Little Arse-Hole Gets Blacked & Creamed! (Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 133)
Added: 26/April/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 36 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, so Hector Agusti isn’t the best darts player in the world – but that’s not a problem to young Noah Matous. In fact, the horny little twink doesn’t really have the slightest bit of interest in the black dude’s sporting prowess. All this filthy-minded dude wants is to get his hands on the Dutchman’s oversized weiner; and suffice it to say that it doesn’t take the lad many seconds to work his way into Agusti’s pants so that he can have a generous feast on the thick, uncut black salami that the fellow keeps stashed inside.

And who the fuck could possibly blame him? With a monster like that between his legs, Agusti is quite literally every cock-slut’s dream-date; and suffice it to say that Matous slurps and gags on the beauty with characteristic relish. Not that our black hero is averse to enjoying a bit of tasty dick given the way that he returns the blow-job on the young lad’s own aching shaft; but it doesn’t take too much foresight to realise that there’s only going to be one bottom in this scene and that Matous’s eager little fuck-hole is never going to be quite the same again as a result!

And so it proves; with Agusti bundling his young buddy over a table and pounding away at his crack like a train in full throttle. No wonder Matous gasps and cries in response – teetering between pleasure and pain with every thrust of the black guy’s hips! But as if that wasn’t enough, the lad is soon riding the shaft reverse-cowboy style; culminating in him spurting like a volcano mid-fuck, and leaving Agusti to wrap the performance up by creaming the youngster’s pucker!

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I know not everyone will agree but this is one of the reasons I stick with this site. A pretty white twink getting his asshole pounded by big black cock. I gave this a 5 because you limited me.

bobby, 26/April/2015

I think this white twink is hot in whatever he does. big cock is defininely a plus, but I really enjoyed the previous scenes more.

robyrob1, 26/April/2015

I couldn’t wait to see that scene so I bought the movie Snow Balls to get it early. I had big expectations, but they got exceeded by what I saw. Since I got my hands on the movie I watched this scene around 20 times and I can’t think of any other scene (from any studio!) I watched that often in such a short time frame. One time I just focused on Noahs face the whole scene ;-) What I love about this scene: 1. A cute twink paired with a dominant black top 2. That Noah moans like no model before!! He even squeaks one time as he gets the cock balls deep. 3. Hector shoves his dick all up Noahs hole and the juices flow out. 4. Noah even smiles at some point as Hector goes hard and balls deep up his hole. 5. Hector licks Noahs ass between fucking his hole and that he rimmed Noahs ass with joy. 6. Noah enjoyed the whole thing as he sprays so much cum like in no scene before. Conclusion: The best interracial scene ever on Staxus! Noah is the perfect bottom twink for dominant guys who fuck him hard. More of that please!!! I would love to see him getting fucked by 4 or 5 black guys with huge cocks.

secondsky, 26/April/2015

Really been looking forward to this scene and it didn't disappoint. The only way to surpass this scene would be for five big cocked guys to gang fuck the living daylights out of little Noah. Really hope that that scene is in the works it wold be phenomenal.

Dee Pee Zee, 26/April/2015

Noah, the most amazing, incredible, perfect total bottom, I'm in complete heaven watching him, like others have said, gt to see him getting gang bred by a load of big dicked guys - please

NIck, 26/April/2015

This is how sex should be!! A white twink, fucked raw by a black dom. Great to see the pain on Noah's face as his pussy was pounded!! Be great to see Noah gang raped by three or four black guys!!

whatsacondom, 26/April/2015

A clear 6 of 5 stars! :-))) And a perfect example of what Staxus can do looking at the potential plan to set up a focused (sub)site for interracial like this one!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 26/April/2015

It is scenes like this that make Staxus far superior than other sites. Hector is possibly the luckiest model on the site, having only done 3 scenes, he has already enjoyed the company of 3 of the best models in Noah, Erik and Yuri. I'm not sure what there is left to say about Noah, other than he was amazing yet again, especially his cumshot and I think it's fair to say that he is probably the most popular model ever on Staxus.

Funtime, 26/April/2015

It's a great scene !!!! Noah really needs big cocks. I love it when the guys moan and have a little pain It would be super if there will be scenes where several black guys the Edit Noah and fuck hard. I hope it is in work and I look forward to new scenes

Kuddeldel, 26/April/2015

Noah is a dreamboy and even more than this..his asshole needs dicks like this one..would like to watch him when he is gangbanged by the biggest dicks on earth :-)

Chris, 26/April/2015

Have to agree with everyone else on this, excellent scene with a gorgeous bottom getting a big black raw dick! How could anyone NOT love this scene?

Tommy, 26/April/2015

Formidable, fantastique, extraordinaire : aucun superlatif n'est assez fort pour décrire cette immense vidéo qui mérite non pas cinq étoiles mais une véritable constellation. Hector doit être un homme comblé. En effet ,après avoir eu comme partenaires dans son premier clip les adorables Erik et Yuri, STAXUS lui a offert ce soir le petit ange pervers de Noah. Noah a été époustouflant dans cette vidéo. Non seulement il est mignon tout plein mais il est aussi très coquin et vicieux et je l'adore. Je persiste et je signe : aujourd'hui dans l'industrie il y a STAXUS et derrière avec des kilomètres de retard tout le reste de la concurrence. Les gars, vous êtes les meilleurs.

Pascaloux, 26/April/2015

Porn magic! super hot models and pure lust filled action, a power top and a power bottom in a perfect interracial mix=D For every scene I watch with Hector he becomes better, a thing I really like about Hector is that he seems to love to go balls deep all the time, his technique of fucking Noah was hot, he mixed up short soft strokes, then some longer, then going balls deep with the help of all his weight and then changing to furious duracell pounding. I noticed that Hector has become an exclusive model, I guess that means that we can look forward to seeing him again =D

biggerthebetter, 26/April/2015

You scored a perfect bulleye's with this - that's 20 isn't it? This scene is dynamite. That eager black cock sinking into the eager white asshole of the most gorgeous young twink was something sex dreams are made of. Very well lit and filmed, and always interesting. Awesome. Thanks.

Jasyn19, 26/April/2015

Amazing interracial scene. With Noah I think we can expect the best and Hector noticed that with Noah he could have a great and very juicy session of sex. He licked Noah's ass even when he was fuckin' him and that was a plus for me. Noah had probably one of his best 1 to 1, but, guys, im still addicted to Noah's first scene lol . But i agree with everyone : this scene is amazing. No doubt !

Vaclav, 26/April/2015

@ Fun Time, thank you for the update. I sure hope your right about Ariel. I kind of knew that Matt was a long shot. But truth be told I could have listed another five that needed more scenes here, but thats the way it goes. BTW did you know that Tim goes by serval names. Jirka Maly and Denis Klein. and he has a few scenes around the internet if you liked him too.

bobby, 26/April/2015

now I would love to see Hector work on little Erik.

bobby, 27/April/2015

@bobby - yes, that would be hot! Another pairing that would be really hot, would be to pair up Hector with one of the bubbliest bubble butts ever seen on staxus - Florian Mraz. It would make a dynamic duo, a power top that loves to fuck twinks really hard and balls deep, and Florian a guy that seems to enjoy every single second of having a cock in him =D Some people have earlier commented that they would enjoy watching scenes with Noah and other twinks in action with several black men at the same time - I'm all for that idea also =D

biggerthebetter, 27/April/2015

Neither of them do it for me.

Jay, 27/April/2015

@bobby, Tim was one of my favourite models so it's a shame he stopped working in the industry, with regards to the other names he used, he used Jirka Maly in 2012-2013 and he used Denis Klein up until the middle of last year(to my knowledge), nothing since then unfortunately but we can always dream and hope.

Funtime, 28/April/2015

I guess the rating of 4,6 after 50 votes is caused by some guys who don't like interracial say it in the nicest way. Thats why it would be the best to split the whole interracial stuff apart into a new site...

secondsky, 28/April/2015

L'idée qui a été proposée par Bobby me semble excellente. Jumeler l'adorable petit Erik avec Hector donnerait très probablement un résultat exceptionnel. Pensez-y !

Pascaloux, 28/April/2015

This was so good Noah so cute and smooth with an arsehole just longing to be filled.I would give this 10 stars if I could

Simonxxx, 29/April/2015

Most excellent, of course and I must say that in my opinion Hector Agusti is Staxus best black top. Carlos Santiago is more attractive to my taste, but alas a bit lazy in bed (in video!). While Mr. Agusti seems sincerely enthusiastic. Who would not be, having the honot to fuck those divine mitteleuropean twinks?

streamer, 07/October/2015

Wow. Put this up for sale, as well as all of Noah's videos.

pipdorit, 05/November/2015

Scene just okay to me!

I love hole, 15/June/2017

Noah gorgeous sodomite Boy. So are the Boys today deliciously lustful, deliciously devoted to gay Fornication and to more extreme gay Lust, without moral Complexes. because the new Morality is gay Love, the elegant Sodomy as a sacred Act, as a holy Ceremony, in which to worship the Cock and its holy Sperm as a new God. These Videos have to be a Matter of Study for Children, Teenagers and all Boys in elementary Schools, high Schools and Universities, because noble Homosexuality has to become the only Form of Sexuality in the World.

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

and it is very nice that white Boys are fucked by black Men. The Future of Humanity must be interracial and gay. (delicious the Adidas of Noah, so sweet and superb are the Boys today. Superb and GAY !!)

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

but, in Reality, Sexuality, the true Sexuality, must be a Manifestation of the Soul.

PaoloMonaco, 29/August/2017

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