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Noah Matous Gets His Arse Pummelled To Distraction – Again!! (Raw Score Scene #4) HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 95)
Added: 29/April/2015
Duration: 27 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


Physically speaking, you’d struggle to find two guys who were as different as Noah Matous and Benjamin Dunn – the one being a petite blond, the other a lanky brunet! However, as surely pretty much every STAXUS fan knows by now, in terms of their sexual preferences these two lads are a perfect match! A fact that’s quickly underlined when the couple tumble onto a sofa and promptly start to strip in order to enable them to play with each other’s dicks!

Indeed, it’s pretty fucking obvious that both these buddies have a distinct penchant for hard cock as they chew away on each other’s uncut shafts, ultimately culminating in them lying top-and-tail – allowing Dunn to rub his dick over Matous’s face whilst he tickles away at the young blond’s butt-hole with his tongue. It’s a terrific, wank-inducing display from both mates; but of course things only intensify once Matous succumbs to the ultimate temptation, parts his legs and allows his pal to pound away at his hungry twink rump.

The sight of Dunn’s low-hangers bouncing against the pretty blond’s butt is almost worth the cost of STAXUS membership in itself; and the temperature in the room increases yet further when Matous plonks himself down on Dunn’s knob reverse cowboy-style! No fucking doubt about it, the tall, horny top shows little restraint as he pummels away into Matous’s guts; and you’ll be hard pressed not to have bust your nuts by the time the youngster squirts his wad mid-fuck. But for fans of facials it’s the sight of Dunn erupting all over the lad’s cute face that’ll score top marks!

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...and by the gorgeous Benjamin Dunn, no less. Lucky Noah. Lucky us.

Jasyn19, 29/April/2015

Again like a dream to see Noah in action. With Benjamin Dunn he has found a perfect partner. A marvellous, wonderful incredible pair. like to see Noah`s boner while he is beeing fucked so hard and passionable by Benjamin. Thought it can`t become better but it did with this vid. Great, really great.. 5 +

Chris, 29/April/2015

What more is there left to say about Noah, he is a vision of ecstasy. Benjamin Dunn is not bad either. The unconventional positioning for the initial 69 was a new one for me, never seen that before but it looked good. I can only re-iterate what has been said: Lucky us!!

Funtime, 29/April/2015

What an incredible lovescene by both Benjamin and Noah. A great couple who want each other! Just a great scen!

Hetloo, 29/April/2015

Great to see Noah again, he and Benjamin make a perfect couple with their obvious chemistry. I'm glad Benjamin shot his load in the right place.......all over Noah's adorable little face!! Please keep giving us Hot little Noah.

Dee Pee Zee, 29/April/2015

Every scene with Noah is a fice star for me. Though I love Noah as a bottom I hope we see him again as a top, at least from time to time. And as I already said everything about Noah in the previous comments and in the forum I can just ask you to not let him go to other studios and keep him as exclusive as long as possible :-)

secondsky, 29/April/2015

Publier des vidéos d'une qualité exceptionnelle est devenu une règle immuable chez STAXUS et ce clip en apporte encore la preuve absolue. Il fallait que Benjamin soit en forme olympique pour contenter l'insatiable Noah et ce fut le cas. Noah est indiscutablement votre meilleur nouveau petit minet. Ce petit ange pervers est très porté sur le sexe et ne semble jamais être rassasié. En ce mois d'avril qui s'achève, STAXUS a hissé le porno gay à un niveau qui n'est pas près d'être égalé et pulvérisé toute la concurrence. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 29/April/2015

Nice to see Noah again =) Benjamin seems like a nice guy, but he is very average looking. I prefer for models to have atleast one feature out of the ordinary; a very handsome face, a really hot body, a really nice ass or a very big cock (for me the bigger the cock is the more the model can get away with being otherwise un-attractive :P ) Of course not all models can be perfect, but for me Benjamin doesn't have anything extra about him that makes him stand out :(

biggerthebetter, 29/April/2015

I loved the opening where the two dressed the set - really funny. I was really surprised at the height difference between Matous and Dunn. What a little cutie is Noah-pie. And the easy way they slipped into a completely new to me 69. Throwing off their clothes and the cushions. It was such a natural event that the hot fuck which followed just flowed. Dunn loves fucking. Matous loves a cock up his ass. They love the camera and the camera loves them - and I love them. That Dunn wasn't completely shaved but short trimmed was brilliant. Now to try to finish the movie.....

Jasyn 19, 29/April/2015

Benjamin is hot. Maybe it's his hair, but Noah isn't for me.

Jay, 30/April/2015

Think it's Noah best scene so far... Because of his interaction with Benjamin... Because of Benjamin's interaction with Noah... Never heard Benjamin saying "wow" in any previous scene ;) .. Seeing Benjamin eyes full of satisfaction...Seeing Noah committed to Benjamin... This is great !!!

Vaclav, 30/April/2015

Noah is so lovely,perfection

Simonxxx, 01/May/2015

I like watching cute little Noah getting his bum fucked and spermed, nice buggery.

Simon, 08/May/2015

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