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Young Blond Modelling Slut Gets Spit-Roasted & Double-Dicked! (Shoot This Scene #5) HD

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Added: 15/May/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


With his cheeky, knowing smile, it seems almost inevitable that any photo-shoot that has Carl Ross as the photographer is going to end with him making a pass at the model – especially when the subject is a horny fucker like Ariel Glutton, and there’s encouragement on the sidelines from dark-skinned stud, Zoltan Goran! So don’t be surprised when the camera is promptly put to one side and Ross strips Glutton out of his leather underpants; signalling the start of a juicy, spunk-inducing threesome that very quickly sees Ross and Goran following their buddy’s lead and ending up stark-bollock-naked on the sofa, one either side of Glutton like a couple of horned-up bookends!

Indeed, Glutton is very much the centre of attention throughout this escapade – his cock being the focal-point of the initial onslaught, before eventually Ross bundles the fellow over and gives him the kind of deep-tongued rimming we’d surely all cry out for. But there’s simply no denying that the bit of the action here that’s going to warrant most attention from our fans is when Glutton first gets spit-roasted by his pals, then sits on both their dicks simultaneously. Not content, he then allows Ross and Goran to double-shaft him from behind, which, given the amount of gasping and groaning on his part, clearly proves to be a heady mix of pain (on his part) and pleasure (on yours)! Still, all that hard work on his part gets its own reward in the form of two terrific facials, which leave the lad quite literally dripping with jizz as he jerks off his own pent-up wad! All in all, it’s satisfaction guaranteed!

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Ein wirklich supergeiles Trio..Ariel ist so hübsch und sein Tattoo macht ihn attraktiver denn je..aber vor allen Dingen sein super leckeres Arschloch dass toll glänzt sieht fantastisch aus..kein Wunder dass Carl sein Gesicht dort vergräbt..ich würde es genauso machen..fantastisch staxus..5 Sterne!

Chris, 15/May/2015

Nichts gegen ein paar kleine, professionell gemachte Tattoos, aber wenn ich etwas lesen möchte, nehme ich mir ein Buch! Ariels Bauchschrift ist der absolute Abturner!

Pawston, 13/June/2015

Would love to see more of Ariel and his talented ass. He can really take a pounding!

DF, 02/September/2015

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