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Young Pizza Boy Gets A Deep-Pan Stuffing From A Horny Stud! (Use Me! Scene #2) HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 82)
Added: 17/May/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 33 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s be honest here, if young Pyotr Tomek came delivering pizza to the door of your hotel room wouldn’t you be tempted to make some kind of pass at the fellow? Especially if – as is the case here – he was wearing a baseball cap with a distinctly provocative maxim daubed all over it. Certainly Xavi Duran doesn’t seem to have any reticence in taking full advantage of the situation, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise given his unmistakably cocksure approach.

Indeed, he brushes aside Tomek’s initial rebuttal, and has the cute twink down on the bed in no time at all – by which point the horny little pup is already putty in the stud’s hands! Why, the boy doesn’t stand a chance as Duran strips him of his jeans and promptly engages in a head-on encounter with Tomek’s dick; before pushing the lad’s ass into the air and rimming his hot little fuck-hole like you won’t believe. Needless to say it’s all more than enough to get Tomek into the mood for action, and what doubts he may have initially had about being this stud’s latest notch on the bedpost are promptly forgotten as he first gives head and then finally allows Duran to finger and fuck his ass!

What follows is a superb masterclass in man-on-boy action, with Tomek banged for all he’s worth doggy-style; before the lad positions himself over Duran’s handsome fuck-pole and quite literally lands himself down on every inch that the dude has to offer. Little wonder that the boy is soon squirting for all he’s worth; but it’s arguably the sight of Tomek’s winsome little face getting jizzed that’ll prove the highlight!

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Not sure how Staxus calculates an average of the votes. I gave this a rating of 2, but it shows a rating of 5 based on three votes (and yes, I refreshed the page a few times, but the rating didn't change. I'm not a fan of having bearded, older, average looking guys on this site.

Steve, 17/May/2015

Forgot to add that I also don't care to see heavily tattooed guys - if they don't like their bodies and feel the need to camouflage it, why would I want to see it?

Steve, 17/May/2015

I was so looking foward to that scene - to both the models and the sex and I must say I am not disappointed at all! I love Pyotr and I like Xavi especially because of his nice face and his tattoos. So again we see how different tastes are. I would aks for more of Xavi in the future, not less of him! (And of course much much much more scenes with Pyotr as long as he is available for Staxus!)

Andi, 17/May/2015

@Steve: Hi Steve! The website is cached for better performance so every changes are displayed with delay. Ratings (both number of votes and the rating itself) have a delay of several minutes (10-15) before being displayed. It's just for improving performance.

Staxus - Andy, 17/May/2015

love both the guys in this hot scene - happen to have the hots for sexy Spanish tops and Xavi is great ( yes more of him please ). Pyotr is a fabulous and very handsome performer gaining great confidence and they spark together. thanks everyone,,,,

britpig, 17/May/2015


Neville, 17/May/2015

Both these guys are excellent, and seeing some muscle with handsome hunky Xavi is a real treat. I would definitely not mind seeing him topping more often!

Tommy, 17/May/2015

Je n'ai pas pour habitude de jeter de l'huile sur le feu ni de tenir des propos péjoratifs sur le physique d'une personne. Le long commentaire que j'ai fait le 11 mai dernier sur le quatuor avec Johny Cruz résume parfaitement ce que je pense de ce clip auquel je mets 3/5uniquement grâce à la présence de l'adorable petit minet qu'est Pyotr. Pour la première fois depuis des mois, Staxus n'a pas dominé la concurrence au cours de cette semaine en demi-teinte et la victoire revient à BELAMI(erreur de casting). Vous restez cependant malgré ce faux pas mon site préféré par la qualité incomparable de vos vidéos dans 95 % des cas et aussi par la proximité qu'est la vôtre envers votre clientèle. Il ne fait pas l'ombre d'un doute dans mon esprit, que les clips annoncés pour la semaine prochaine rattraperont des largement ceux publiés cette semaine. Désolé.

Pascaloux, 17/May/2015

I must admit I´m not really a fan of beards and hairy faces + bodies but it`s my only taste...nevertheless the video is good..Piotr is a sexa horny lad!

Chris, 17/May/2015

I like Pyotr a lot, I think he is hot. But in this scene he has to much hair on his pubes and bottom. And than Xavi with his beard and tattoos. I hate it. This realy doesn't work for me at all. Makes me very cold.

hetloo, 17/May/2015

If I was in to bears I'd probably like this, Xavi looks good for his age. But in my opinion he looks too old staxus and I'm not into lots of tatoos either. I noted that Hector Agusti is actually two years older than Xavi, but Hector looks more youthful and fresh. I agree with Hetloo about Pyotr's pubes, he's a bit too furry down under... I'd really enjoy to see him waxed/smooth shaven =)

biggerthebetter, 17/May/2015

Despite his somewhat original look, and the sometimes sentencious critics, I do rehiterate that I find Xavi very attractive, and would never have guessed his age.... He is a hot fucker and Pyotr seemed to be satisfied, alhough maybe a bit " shy" or mechanical here today. Curious to see if you bow to the raucous shoutings or if we may have the pleasure to see him again.

Christian, 17/May/2015

I realy understand that enough companions like this scene a lot, I just wanted to say this scene doesn't work for me at all. So there is no need of bowing or what so ever!

hetloo, 18/May/2015

<p>To be fair with Xavi, I'd agree with @Christian that I would have guessed Xavi's age much below what is mentioned in his profile... and while I'm not at all into bears (which I don't think it would be fair to call Xavi) nor beards (differing only by one but important character ;) and not large tattoos either, I admit that he really has great looks and particularly a wonderful winning smile (in the video rather the photos; see 01:30-01:55, for example). But of course, for the juvenile taste of most users here, he cannot compete with the beauty of youth Pyotr has to offer (and I agree, Pyotr really is gorgeous :-) I'm really puzzled by some commentators though calling even Pyotr "too furry down under" like @hetloo or @biggerthebetter - as far as I am concerned, we still want male models here and not babies, this is really taking the "hairless" hype a bit too far.</p><p>Regarding the sex action as such, not much I'd have to criticize even though it would appear Xavi is not as relaxed and self-confident as in many of the other clips I know from him, and I prefer a "natural" end (cumming while fucking, in/on a nice hole) over isolated wanking (even though I can understand some subscribers enjoy Pyotr's cute face sprayed by cum :) So overall I'd rate this a 4 of 5. And Pyotr is a jewel who can still be brought to shine even more in future clips!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/May/2015

Although I like the scenes with young actors, I get really hot when I see a young man who has sex with a somewhat older man. Xavi is not that old, also has a very particular beauty. I like the scene, I like the Spanish, I like Pyotr, I love everything!

capardoq, 18/May/2015

Loved seeing the older bearded inked guy fuck smooth raw boy ass. Bring back Xavi and let him work over Noah, Jaro or Erik Franke.

Phoenician, 14/December/2015

gorgeous, powerful gay Love.

Paolo Monaco, 09/November/2017

but Spirituality is better.

Paolo Monaco, 09/November/2017

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