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Noah Matous’s Ass Takes On A Top-Notch Stretch & Creaming! (Shoot This! Scene #4) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 98)
Added: 23/May/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s face it, the balloons are a mere distraction at the start of this tremendous duo between Carl Ross and the floppy-haired demi-god bottom that is Noah Matous – but given the strength of this pairing what else would you honestly expect? Indeed, chances are you might not even notice the multi-coloured array as the two beauties play a form of tag together during the opening few minutes; and by the time they’re both out of their pants there’s absolutely no fucking chance that you’ll care about anything other than what these horned-up fuck-buddies have now got in mind! And let’s be honest, they’re not intending to take time out to share holiday snaps or discuss last night’s TV!

Indeed, young Matous quite literally can’t get enough of Ross’ handsome, uncut shaft; and before you know it he’s deep-throating the meaty rod right down to the root, almost (but not quite) gagging in the process. It’s a move that clearly inspires Ross to a whole new level, as he turns his attention to the young pup’s fuck-hole – first rimming and fingering the tight little crack, before hammering home with his joystick. Of course, Matous has secretly been yearning for this kind of attention right from the start; and his pleasure only intensifies when he finally takes on his favourite position and rides Ross’ knob cowboy-style for all he’s worth.

It’s no fucking wonder that the sweet little cherub is soon spurting like a fountain as he’s pounded from beneath; before Ross completes the show with a magnificent white-washing of Matous’s ass, leaving the lad’s rump dripping with hot spunk!

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WOW!! What a Chemistry, what a fuck! Great.

hetloo, 23/May/2015

Loved this one. Both make a great couple and are really cute (even though it wouldn't hurt Carl to lose a few pounds, or replace them by muscle). The kissing, extensive rimming/ass play and 69 session made a good start for the fucking to follow, and Carl's a good fucker matching well with the eager bottom Noah appears to be. I always appreciate when climax "cums" the natural way, like Noah's while being pounded (rather than wanking "solo" after the fuck), and Carl squirting his cream over Noah's ass and then using it as lube to fuck it into that nice little hole topped it off for me. Goes into my favourites with a clear 5/5! Thanks guys :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/May/2015

Yet another fantastic scene featuring the utterly gorgeous Noah. Just can't get enough of the little guy and how his cock stays rock hard during the extensive fucking that Carl gave him,in a word....WOW!!

Dee Pee Zee, 23/May/2015

Usually I do like physical contrasts and mixed pairings. In this one, too much however between skinny / slender Noah and somewhat overweight Carl ... The cummy final though is very sexy, as Noah became THE specialist.

Christian, 23/May/2015

Noah - so cute and such a perfect bottom..his asshole seems to be always hungry and waiting to be filled up with big dicks like Carl Ross ones...Carl is also an absolute eyecatcher..great jerking off at the end!

Chris, 23/May/2015


marko, 23/May/2015

La seule présence dans une scène du sublime Noah suffit à la rendre exceptionnelle tout en lui donnant une saveur particulière. Cet adorable petit minet a un charme fou et aussi beaucoup de prestance et de charisme à tel point qu'il est maintenant devenu mon modèle préféré du site. Il fallait que Carl soit en grande forme et il l'a été pour satisfaire l'appétit sexuel très vorace de ce merveilleux petit ange pervers. Noah, vous pouvez me le servir toutes les semaines et pendant des mois sans que je parvienne à m'en lasser un seul instant. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 24/May/2015

Beautiful Boys ! A Classic for me !

Neville, 24/May/2015

Noah is again the centre of all attentions ! This boy is an amazing performer. Looks like he does porn with any difficulties. Better than that : he performs with pleasure !

Vaclav, 25/May/2015

I know I'm in the minority here, and I'm glad so many guys like him, but Noah doesn't do it for me.

Jay, 27/May/2015

So delicious. Why can't we purchase this scene?

pipdorit, 06/November/2015

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