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Cock-Hungry Pup Gets His Holes Plugged By Smoking Hot Stud! (Use Me Scene #4) HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 65)
Added: 06/June/2015
Duration: 17 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


So okay, he’s maybe a little older than most of us have come to expect from STAXUS guys, but there’s still something wonderfully sexy about Alejandro Alvarez – not least of all when he’s brooding manfully with a cigarette, as is the case here in the opening moments of this terrific pairing with Edward Fox. Mind, the young pizza-boy isn’t too bad at blowing smoke, it has to be said; although (as very quickly becomes apparent) it’s blowing of a very different kind that’s soon concentrating the minds of both these over-sexed buggers.

Indeed, given the manner with which they take it in turns to slurp on cock like it’s going out of fashion, it’s pretty fucking clear that these lads won’t be content until they’ve had the chance to bang each other senseless; with Fox soon presenting his ass to his buddy with an air of near-desperation, his legs spread akimbo so that the older fellow can tongue his gaping fuck-hole to ecstasy. An invitation that the Spaniard accepts with no hint of restraint; before first fingering and then finally fucking the youngster’s pucker to seal the deal.

By this point, of course, there’s every good chance that you’ll be so lost in your own little world of tight-fisted pleasure that you’ll be edging dangerously towards a premature jerk-off; but hang on in there as Alvarez gives the young pup the fuck of his life, hammering into the lad for all he’s fucking worth. It’s little wonder that Fox is quite literally soon spurting like a fountain; with the Spanish stud giving an equally ferocious cascade, before burying his spent shaft deep into the lad’s jizzed-up little hole!

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SUPER-hot stuff! :-))) And no, Alejandro is by far not too old to appear in this clip, he shows an excellent physique and steamy action!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/June/2015

More of Alejandro - he is a terrific performer and so hot!

roblon, 06/June/2015

Alejandro is great and the closeup probing his boi's pussy was nice, could have been longer. He would be a great match to pound Noah or any smooth thin blonde bottom whilst sharing a DP with Hector.

Phoenician, 06/June/2015

Nice pairing! Alejandro has a very masculine look, Edward is the sweet boyish twink. The only thing what would have been hotter is either Edward sucking a banana while being banged or Alejandro eating a banana with Edward´s cum on it at the very end of the scene. Tommy, did you notice "banana"? :)

Andi, 06/June/2015

Oh Andi! Well done! I was slightly confused for a moment, but that will teach me to make off-the-cuff suggestions in a post and then completely forget about it lol You win 1000 interent points! :) And this scene was excellent, I do love Alejandro, he has a masculinity I like to see, especially when compared against a sweet twink bottom like Edward.

Tommy, 06/June/2015

As said, good to see older with younger, more variety love the breeding after cumming, hope to see more of the same.

Dave H, 06/June/2015

Edward is my favourite !

Neville, 06/June/2015

Er, Tommy, I think you'll find I made the first banana reference several days ago in the comments section of the last Staxus scene (the remastered one).

Aino Wave, 07/June/2015

Gorgeous young model + very attractive older model = hot, right? WRONG! Or at least in this case. The whole thing was horrible from the perfunctory foreplay (spit finger - spit - finger - spit - finger ad nauseum) to the urgent let's-get-this-over-with ramming to the obvious lack of enjoyment from Edward to the unparalleled absence of chemistry between the performers. And why on earth did you show that bit at the end with Alejandro talking to camera and poor Edward slinking out of the room looking as if he was going to find somewhere quiet to have a good cry???? Horrible!

Aino Wave, 07/June/2015

I love Edward Fox. He enjoys every centimeter of Alejandro's cock. I love your pleasure face.

Capardoq, 07/June/2015

I love Alejandro and the way he uses his nice tool to pound eargerly Edwards who definitely loves it. Good cummy ending. I'd like to see him offering his hole for a good rimming same he does to his partners ! Great pairing and super hot scene !

Christian, 08/June/2015

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