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Leo Ocean Gets A Double Poleaxe Courtesy Of His Gym Buddies! (Pump This! Scene #2) HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 71)
Added: 14/June/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


We already know that Leo Ocean is a total cock slut, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as any surprise to see him provocatively showing off his dick to Roman Smid and Ray Mannix as they play together in the squash court below him, whilst he works out on an exercise machine in the room above. What you might not realise, however, is that he’s also clearly a bit of a tease – as proves to be the case here when he pretends to be all prim and proper when the two lads storm up the stairs to join in the fun!

Not that Smid and Mannix are in the mood to be brushed off, that’s for sure. Having been sexually provoked, these two horned-up buddies are definitely in the mood for release; and within seconds they’ve stripped the young Brit of his pants and are jerking off his already over-stiff ramrod. From this point onwards, of course, Ocean is pretty much putty in their hands, it has to be said. We know from the past that if you give this boy a couple of dicks he very quickly transforms himself into a super-bitch, gagging for meat like he hasn’t had it in years – and this scene (thankfully) proves to be no exception!

Indeed, he’s down on his two mates with typical gusto; and it’s not too long before first Smid and then Mannix are taking it in turns to hammer his eager little ass-hole for all it’s worth. But the climax of this performance, of course, comes when Ocean opens up for both buddies at once, using the gym equipment as the perfect backdrop for a no-holds-barred excavation of his rear! All nicely topped off by the sight of him getting his face creamed for his efforts!

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Two shit-hot scenes in a row! Three of your hottest models going at it like dogs in heat! Leo's deep throating is fabulous. Is it just me or have the veins on Roman's dick become even more desirable? For a few minutes there I was so jealous of Leo's arse. What must it feel like to have that perfect knob inside you? The editing could have been a bit more careful (Roman's underwear disappeared and then mysteriously reappeared again....) and the cumshots were a little underwhelming but I don't really give a shit. This was heavenly. I would still give it six stars if it were possible. I love you, Roman, you sexy beast! xxx

Aino Wave, 14/June/2015

Really can`t describe my feelings about this scene..this is one of your best vid for months..this triple is extremely sexy and you can feel that they are gay..! so much passion and at the end the cuming and licking the cum from the wet dicks makes me explode! wonderful staxus

Chris, 14/June/2015

For some reason the cum shots lack passion, like how can one direct horny cumshots? Well the models for start need to cum a lot and show us facial expression of pleasure when they are orgasming and having the cum licked off their wet dicks.

Pleasure, 14/June/2015

Surely the cumshot are little, testifying the general lack of passion perspiring a bit through entire scene. Ray is indeed a good hot performer.

Christian, 14/June/2015

I just miss something with this cute boys to call it a hot scene, maybe chemistry!? Realy cuties.

hetloo, 15/June/2015

<p>Apologies for not being so enthusiastic about this one. I do agree, these are indeed three gorgeous models, and while I was not among the biggest fans of Roman Smid in his first scenes, I can't but deny he's really turning into one of Staxus' hottest studs.</p><p>Clearly I'm not a porn director, and not trying to. But I think some more artistic actions/positions are more a tribute to the director's, or maybe part of the audience's, hobby horses - for instance, it would appear the DP position with two tops joining their dicks while sitting opposite, almost never works well - the tops have no control, the bottom's are not dynamic enough - and with a bottom who quite obviously isn't a born DP subject, like LEO, it's even worse. The second DP scene is better (technically / position wise), but Leo's constant shouting for mercy doesn't leave the impression he's eager, nor excited. And as has been mentioned, the cum shots are disappointing. Now I concede a director is not a magician - but at least enforcing a strict rule like "no cum shots 48h before filming" should be enforced.</p>Nevertheless, all in all a hot threesome with super-hot models... I'd compromise on a 4/5.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 15/June/2015

Hot guys, hot sex, hot cum eating! THIS is what I expect from Staxus! KEEP IT UP!!!

mwhisky, 15/June/2015

A Rarity for Staxus some verbal whilst having sex.I realise this is not always possible because of the diffrent nationalities involved but this added for me what was a first rate scene three lovely lads and double penetration 5 stars

Simonxxx, 15/June/2015

Verbal is a must for a smoking hot scene regardless of language, indeed subtitling of dirty talk (with all the grunts and moans needing no explanation) is just as hot as comprehension.

Phoenician, 18/June/2015

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