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Riverside Date Becomes A Flip-Flop Fuck With A Flood Of Spunk! (Tour Guide Scene #2 HD)

4.8/5 (Total votes: 120)
Added: 20/June/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


It always feels good to enjoy a bit of fresh air and fine scenery in the company of one of your best friends, especially when you find yourself in a beautiful city like Prague; but there’s no way that either Noah Matous or Ruben Bart are going to let such simplistic pleasures get in the way of a hard fuck! Indeed, having sat by the river and glanced teasingly at each other, the two lads are soon engaged in a heady session of making out beneath one of the nearby bridges; before deciding that a little privacy is actually what they need and heading back to an apartment downtown.

At which point, naturally, the scene gains a much more frantic persona – an initial chit-chat between the two cute twinks transforming itself into an aggressive session of kissing, stripping and cock-sucking. Matous, as always, is a sheer delight to watch, but new boy, Bart, is equally transfixing; and by the time that Matous is eagerly rimming the Spaniard’s eager little fuck-hole there’s every good chance that you’ll be head-over-heels in love with them both!

Forget the romantic niceties, however. What you dirty fuckers want to see is a no-holds-barred rip-roaring round of mindless fornication – and the good news is that neither of these young cuties disappoint! What’s more, they’re both content to switch roles half-way through – Bart taking every hard inch of his mate’s to start, Matous riding dick like a pro to finish. All nicely interspersed with a hot session of 69-ing to underscore the scene’s egalitarian nature. And with copious spews of jizz from them both, satisfaction’s guaranteed for all!

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So Hot and so.... , oh my, I,m getting spoiled! What a sexy, cute and horny boys!!!

hetloo, 20/June/2015

Good grief, Staxus, your really are experiencing a purple patch at the moment. Excluding remasters, this is the fourth great scene in a row. I thought you surpassed yourselves with the last one featuring Dick and David, but I have to say that this is every bit its equal. This is the first scene I've watched with the much ballyhooed Noah, and I'm not disappointed. As for Ruben - well, somebody help me pick the end of my tongue up off the floor and roll it back into my mouth! He is fucking gorgeous. His cock with its very prominent veins is beautiful. And don't get me started on his moaning - what a turn-on! Noah's finger going from Ruben's bum hole to his mouth was almost unbearably hot. And so was Noah's cock-riding action. Staxus - get the last scene or this one out in full on some free internet "gateway" sites (or whatever they're called!) - if that doesn't increase your membership there is no justice in the world. You deserve great success! One thing, however - Noah, you should never wear socks with sandals! One of the biggest faux-pas in fashion LOL!!

Aino Wave, 20/June/2015

WHAT A GREAT SCENE !!!!! Tried to hold out for the end, but did not make it,the sight of Noah riding Rubens cock was way too hot.

bodoman666, 20/June/2015

Hot guys: 5 stars Hot sex: 5 stars Cum shot: 4 stars. If there was a facial/cum eating, then the whole scene would've gone off the chart...

mwhisky, 20/June/2015

Still surprised what a great top Noah can be, especially since he prefers to bottom. Maybe Hector Augusti showed him some of his skills ;-). Hopefully not the last time he fucks someone. And the spanish boys are indeed a great addition to the lineup.

secondsky, 20/June/2015

wish i could give more than just 5 stars

marko, 20/June/2015

Porn as its best...this is passion between two cutties..Noah is surely the most flexibel boy..seeing him pounding is marvellous and minutes later beeing fucked + having a boner all time..mhhhh I figure the video qualitys and passion increases from day to day!

Chris, 20/June/2015

For those of you who can't get enough of Noah, I have just posted a bonus on the <a href="" target="_blank"><b>Staxus blog</b></a>. It's a short solo video, but it's definitely a hot one!

Staxus - Dennis, 20/June/2015

AHHHHH - Noah overload today. GREAT! ;-)

secondsky, 20/June/2015

I was just beginning to wonder what happened to Noah and BAMM. This was so fucking HOTTT. I love it when Noah flip flops; you get both sides of his sexy self. Ruben, what can I say, you are adorable. I'm so glad you topped as well. I would have hated to see that huge dick go to waste. Why do the smallest twinks have the biggest dicks? Noah, please no more socks with the sandals,it's so gay.LOL

❤dr, 20/June/2015

OMFG! :) Ignoring the usually overly hyped-up synopsis, I expected to see Noah in his "usual" bottom role - only to find him pounding Ruben's hole as hard as a natural born stud during most of the movie, before flip-flopping in the last quarter, allowing Ruben's equally impressive dick to fill his cute ass. Man, what a treat! :-))) And where did you find Ruben, this gorgeous Spanish little twink? Probably flying in with David Sky from Barcelona? Great, bring more of them to Prague (or vice versa)! :-) In June, Staxus really served highlight after highlight, I'm thrilled! 5/5, new favorite.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 20/June/2015

I'm glad to see a lot of positive feedback on this and recent scenes. <br><br> @NymphoManiac_Funseeker Both David and Ruben have been signed as exclusives. They have been filming new scenes in Prague this week. We're planning to visit them and film new scenes in Spain in September.

Staxus - Dennis, 20/June/2015

@Dennis Wow, that's excellent news you signed them up! Looking forward then to more great action by David and Ruben. :-)) Thank you. They both prove to be a great enhancement for Staxus.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 21/June/2015

@staxus: would like to know how you find out a model is an "exclusive model"..what condition must a model fulfill to become this special?

Chris, 21/June/2015

Je suis rentré aujourd'hui même de mon voyage de deux semaines au Mexique pour constater que STAXUS a encore brillé de mille feux pendant mon absence. Vous avez produit plusieurs vidéos d'une qualité exceptionnelle et sans équivalent dans l'industrie. Quant aux deux nouveaux minets espagnols, ils sont sublimes et vous avez été très inspirés de leur donner un contrat d'exclusivité. Tous les clips qui ont été diffusés pendant mon absence se doivent d'être salués par une véritable ovation.

Pascaloux, 21/June/2015

@staxus-Dennis: hot, hot, hot! Just great!

hetloo, 21/June/2015

Noah is very HOT when he's pounding an others ass, and he takes it oh so well too. More of him with other younger twinks, yeah! I would LOVE to see him and Tim doing each other, that would be too good to be believable. Thanks for listening.

Jayz, 23/June/2015

Noah : great ! As a top, you did it properly !! Again, no doubts that you are a serious case of success. You are amazing ;) . And Ruben...amazing interaction with Noah. You and Noah acted like if you were dating !! When something is done with simplicity it's easy to enjoy it.

Vaclav, 23/June/2015

hi - re your question - for a model to be exclusive they need to be very good looking and reliable and not really worked anywhere else much. If they are to stay as an exclusive they need to keep to their contract, and show passion in their performances and stay in shape etc. all the best - steve

steve, 24/June/2015

Some top class enthusiastic sucking of Noah's beautifully smooth cock and balls by sexy Ruben

Fullballs, 04/July/2015

Great scene with two gorgeous boys.

nova1989, 17/October/2015

I got so horny and hungry watching this video! The fucking and cum shots are absolutely fantastic, and the flip-flop action is truly wonderful! But it's especially the rimming that just drives me wild with lust! I really wanted some of the action! But I really just love it all. Give us more like this!

Ryan , 22/February/2016

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