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Young Brit Gets His Holes Worked Out To The Max In The Gym! (Pump This! Scene #4 HD)

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Added: 24/June/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 41 seconds
Comments: 25


A fabulously skinny young twink like Leo Ocean clearly has his work cut out to get all muscled up, but his personal trainer, new boy Joel Vargas, has plenty of ideas of how to bulk his body in the gym. Some are pretty conventional – like lifting weights, for example. But Vargas is obviously a man who thinks outside the box, and whipping his cock out of his shorts he decides to give the young lad a very different kind of workout. As a result, Ocean is soon exercising his lips in his now all-too-familiar fashion, working up and down the full length of Vargas’s rod and getting quite a boner of his own in the process.

That said, his trainer is clearly a top in every sense; and the only thing he seems to care about at this point is how he’s gonna get his own thick, meaty, uncut shaft deep inside the young pup’s ass-hole. An objective that he achieves with arguably unsurprising ease; first spanking Ocean’s arse a few times, then very proudly sinking his swollen shaft right into the boy’s hungry rear. It’s a swift move in every sense, and you’d be forgiven for expecting Ocean to gasp and squeal in response.

Not this little whore, though! Why, his well-worn pucker just seems to open up like a flower, allowing Vargas to thrash away balls-deep in a few seconds flat. The result is a stupendous, no-holds-barred assault that sees our favourite fuck-boy getting pummelled in a whole series of positions; before nature’s urges get the better of him and he squirts a fine wad over his belly. A truly breathtaking show, topped off by him getting a well-deserved gooey facial!

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Leo is one hot little twink.!!! Joel shows real promise, well done models & crew.

bodoman666, 24/June/2015

Sexy scene in the gym, leo and Joel are hot! Just loved this!

hetloo, 24/June/2015

@staxus: would like to know how you find out a model is an "exclusive model"..what condition must a model fulfill to become this special?

Chris, 24/June/2015

Loved this. Both models really compliment one another. Lovely camera angles and excellent close up shots really capture the feel of this scene. I knew from the moment Joels Cock twanged out that this was gna be one hot pleasure to watch. I never tire of Leo`s facial expressions and vocals. If ever there is a T shirt made with Leo`s face on it the wording on it would have to be "Ahh FUCK" :) A superb scene and a credit to all concerned @Staxus.

TwinkTowers, 24/June/2015

I love the setting for these videos. Please can we have more of these? I miss the days of the videos filmed in real showers and locker rooms they were amazing! I think maybe another sports team orgy is due :) Leo and Joel are both lovely and look great together. Thanks!

Andrew, 24/June/2015

The asshole licking moments are wonderful ans so horny..when do we get to see moments when a boy not only licks the asshole but also puts his tongue deep into? Would be extremely horny

Chris, 24/June/2015

Cette scène est très chaude et parfaitement réalisée. Produire des clips exceptionnels est devenu une règle immuable chez STAXUS. Bravo à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 24/June/2015

@Chris - We mark models as exclusive in two cases: 1) they only appear on (e.g. Devon LeBron) or 2) they are under contract with us and can only shoot videos for Staxus!

Staxus - Andy, 25/June/2015

@Chris - I believe you also want to know what qualifications one must have to become an exclusive. It's actually a combination of things; their looks and how well they perform are important, but we also look at availability, whether the guy has worked for other studios, whether the guy is easy to work with and whether they have potential or offer something unique. The decision to offer someone an exclusive contract is largely based on our feelings and experiences - that's why we often offer someone a contract even before their first scene has been released.

Staxus - Dennis, 25/June/2015

@staxus; Dennis..yeah this I wanted to know,intereting to get to know..thank U very much.. I have besides several one fetish..when a cute boy where U`rs are most:-) puts his tongue deep into a shaven boy ass? Are the plans to film this ? could imagine many boys from ur team are into?

Chris, 25/June/2015

Great video! Loved seeing bottom Leo rimming top Joel's hole. So sexy! The fucking and cumming scenes are superb!

Ryan, 20/January/2016

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