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Fornicating Trio Get Oiled Up and Fucked Up – Then Spunk Up! (Oil Up Scene #3 HD)

4.9/5 (Total votes: 133)
Added: 05/July/2015
Duration: 30 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


The ever-gorgeous Noah Matous is trying desperately hard to study, but it’s clearly something that his two mates, Ray Mannix and Benjamin Dunn, do not understand. Instead of keeping quiet so as not to distract the fellow, the pair engage in a deliberate attempt to sabotage his attempts to read – first throwing popcorn at the boy whilst inconsiderately watching something rather noisy on the computer, then stripping off their clothes and provocatively oiling each other up on the floor.

By this point, of course, Matous throws in the metaphoric towel – deciding to adhere to that old adage that if you can’t change them then you might as well join them! – and, given the performance that he subsequently provides as a result, it’s a decision that he never once comes to regret. In fact, you could say that when it comes to choosing between studying and engaging in a fabulous suck-and-fuck-fest, the young twink’s heart is only ever really in the one activity – as soon becomes apparent when the trio are busily greasing each other up in anticipation of the hardcore fornication to come!

What ultimately ensues between these horned-up buddies is nothing less than a terrific catalogue of sexual positions – with Dunn serving as a true top, whilst Mannix and Matous take turns to get fucked. So Dunn fucks Mannix; then Dunn fucks Mannix who fucks Matous; then Dunn fucks Matous; and then Dunn fucks Matous who fucks Mannix! All of which ultimately culminates in the two bottoms spewing busting their nuts; before quite literally jostling over Dunn’s dick as it lets rip with a heavy spurt of baby-brew! In short, an absolute winner all round!

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Realy all members , this is so hot!! This is Staxus at it's best!

hetloo, 05/July/2015

Totally agree, a very hot scene.

memesteve, 05/July/2015

these guys can do a scene so hot that i had to stop watching for a bit to cool down a bit :) good to see Mr Dunn again. Ray is growing on me and Noah, ah Noah... sex on legs :)

marko, 05/July/2015

Wow, one of the best scenes recently. The guys are really into each other. Loved the train fuck, the ATM . But little Noah should take more cum in his mouth :-p

secondsky, 05/July/2015

5 points for this horny the triple fuck..Noah looks so boyish and is an angel as well as!

Chris, 05/July/2015

Ray is sex on two legs! Noah a bit overrated - but no doubt a very hot scene with some lovely cock in ass shots.

Harry, 05/July/2015

Some gorgeous oiling and fingering of Ray's tight sweet little fuckhole.

Matteus, 05/July/2015

This scene is quite a masterpiece =) Really hot guys, real lust and intensive passion. And some of the best ass to mouth action I've seen in a long time. Great work!

biggerthebetter, 05/July/2015

Cette superbe réalisation est le meilleur clip de l'année. Après avoir visionné cette vidéo, je peux affirmer y avoir vu pendant une demi-heure la perfection pornographique absolue. Les trois modèles ont été formidables et Noah (mon petit chouchou) a été époustouflant. Le second semestre 2015 débute de façon optimale chez STAXUS au point d'en faire rougir toute la concurrence qui a (une fois de plus) été pulvérisée ce jour. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 05/July/2015

I just said it in a blog post, and I'm gonna say it here too... this is probably the best threesome video Staxus has ever made! Gorgeous boys, amazing cocks, clearly loving every second of it! Well done guys!

Tommy, 05/July/2015

very horny threesome video,surprised that Matous climax was a drop of cum.

Pleasure, 05/July/2015

such spectacular erections.....their adoration of each other thrills me, and makes me ejaculate with spasming admiration!

heyjjh, 06/July/2015

Two boys sixty-nining and the third fucks an available asshole...every dick in a hot spot. This was a dream cum true.

❤dr, 06/July/2015

HOT!!! No other way to describe it!

mwhisky, 06/July/2015

Very hot, congratulations !!! but why scene on 5th july and not 4th ? One scene less this week ?

NOELMEAR, 06/July/2015

vivement un gangbang de Noah en passif

toine, 06/July/2015

A truly 1st class CLASSIC show with sooo much passion I loved every moment Thanks Staxus xxxxx

Neville, 06/July/2015

Great scene! I especially liked the foreplay in their one piece wrestling singlets (if that is what they were?), and then with the oil :-) I guess I'm in the minority, but I actually find Ray and Benjamin hotter than Noah. All three are hot though, and have great chemistry together.

Maike5, 08/July/2015

just amazing! Real boys with dick as hard as a randy bull. Real gays with angry butts and ass hole in heat. And so love passion !

erwann, 15/July/2015

WELL done guys1 I so much love it when Noah flip-flop fucks. I was there, in this three way.

JayZ, 15/July/2015

This is yet another great video. The wonderful action for me is to see Noah rimming Ray's perfect asshole. Then all that fucking, with combinations of Benjamin fucking Ray whilst Ray sinks his hot cock in Noah's sweet asshole. Then to see Noah and Ray reverse roles. All of this hot threesome fucking! Just awesome!!!

Ryan, 22/February/2016

Wonderful Video. But superb the Cumshot of Ray!!!

Paolo, 13/January/2017

but spiritual energy is better

Paolo, 14/January/2017

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