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Staxus Classic: Bare Reunion - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

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Andrew Shut, Johny Hunter

Added: 07/July/2015
Comments: 25


Comparing cock sizes is something that young men have done since time immemorial – a fact that director, Vlado Iresch, put to excellent use in this classic scene featuring Andrew Shut and the oversized beauty, Johny Hunter. Mind, we’re still not exactly sure what publication Shut was quoting from when he tells his mate that the average European penis is 15cms; but it’s unlikely that anyone’s gonna be bothering to check up on the source of the quote once Hunter has got his mammoth shaft out.

The fact is that this king-sized monster is way above the so-called “average”; and it’s little wonder that Shut quickly chooses to engulf the thick, swollen bell-end with his hungry lips. After all, what other response would you possibly expect? Not that Shut’s juicy young ramrod is something anyone would dismiss lightly, of course; but it’s clear from the very moment that Shut’s handsome dick makes an appearance as to which cock is going to be the centre of attention here.

A fact that’s quickly underlined when Shut plonks himself down on the said knob and rides it cowboy-style for all that he’s worth – quickly spunking the contents of his balls as a result! For Hunter, however, there’s still plenty of fuel left in the tank, as he proceeds to sodomise his sweet-faced pal for all he’s worth; eventually culminating in him (quite literally!) jizzing Shut in the eye, in a style that’s arguably sometimes sadly lacking in so much modern action. All in all, a definite classic in every sense!

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It'd be nice if you credited the performers in the scene ... or took away the "Featuring:" area on the clips in question if you don't know.

Brian, 08/July/2015

"I am not european" Top: Johny Hunter bottom: Andy Schut Fabulous scene

Spineur, 08/July/2015

Could let us know why new scene every three days now ?

NOELMEAR, 08/July/2015

Why scene release schedule has been reduced from every second day to every third day since July?

titobet, 08/July/2015

Sadly seems Staxus going bust. This is not a new clip but getting on for ten years old. These two must be drawing their pensions by now. Keep this up and I'm leaving as there are several companies that give us new stuff.

Toss7228er, 08/July/2015

@Titobet - I apologize for this mistake in the schedule, there will be a new scene tomorrow. This one should have been published yesterday but there were some encoding issues and it had to be re-uploaded. @Toss7228er - These are old classic scenes remastered in HD, we publish them for quite a while and they are loved by many of our members that haven't been able to watch them several years ago when they were produced.

Staxus - Andy, 08/July/2015

I Always loved this scene. It's great to see it in a remastered version

Porcupine, 08/July/2015

It's new to me. These guys are adorable. It would be nice to know who is who. Let the complainers go somewhere else, I get tired of all the complaining.

❤dr, 08/July/2015

Wow, I just checked out Johny Hunter's model page. He is super cute. You can remaster all of his stuff just for me. Smoking HOTT and FYI, he is only 22 y/o this past June. Bring him back for more please...dr

❤dr, 08/July/2015

Hi guys! In regards to the "Featuring:" box. We only add them in text for the remastered scenes. This way these models don't show up as "New" models on the Models Page. But we do list them in text so that you know who they are. You can then search for them on Staxus using the search box!

Staxus - Andy, 08/July/2015

@staxus/Andy:will you publish the dalayed schedule for this month july yet?

Chris, 08/July/2015

Bien que je possède le DVD "BARE REUNION" dont cette scène est issue, je suis ravi de revoir Johny HUNTER qui reste l'un des modèles les plus mignons de STAXUS. En revanche, si vous êtes indiscutablement le meilleur site dans l'industrie, vous n'êtes pas très bon pour publier dans un délai acceptable le calendrier du mois. Cette situation devient ennuyeuse d'autant que nous sommes très nombreux à nous impatienter. Il serait peut-être préférable de renoncer à le publier plutôt que de faire attendre la clientèle pendant 19 jours comme cela a été le cas au mois de juin. D'ailleurs et dans un passé encore proche, nous n'en publiez aucun.

Pascaloux, 08/July/2015

Just love the remastererd scenes, they are great!

hetloo, 08/July/2015

Please remaster this scene it's a very hot scene but the picture quality is really bad, it'd amazing to see that scene remastered in HD =D

biggerthebetter, 08/July/2015

Hetloo is bang on. And a great facial cumshot. More!

London81, 09/July/2015

@Chris - I will try to do it today!</br> @Biggerthebetter - Give me 24 hours to see if I can find a film source for that particular scene! We can only remaster them if we have the sources on film (if they are already digital, they are lost forever).

Staxus - Andy, 10/July/2015

Great horny scene ! Thanks for remastering so we can enjoy treasures from the ( recent ) past. Indeed your stabble of new current models can as well learn from their predecessors.

Christian, 10/July/2015

I think reissuing these classical scenes in HD is a fantastic idea! I don't mind fewer updates. Those Vlado Iresch movies are unsurpassed.

fuckworthy, 12/July/2015

Andy - any chance you can correct Johny Hunter's birth date? The one you give, in 1993, is strange given that this movie is from 2006.

fuckworthy, 12/July/2015

delicious little Wolfs. So sweetly devoted to Virility's Worship.

PaoloMonaco, 09/October/2017

It is only displeasing that physical love does not have temporal depth, it is fine to itself, unlike the eternal spiritual love.

PaoloMonaco, 09/October/2017

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